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Tanya Arnold Wiki, Son, Wedding, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, Networth

Born in Yorkshire, Tanya Arnold is a famous BBC Sports Presenter. She is a tomboy since childhood, who loves to play Cricket & watch Rugby. Though she had faced lots of criticism being a female reporter, where reporting is considered as Man’s Job. Continuing more information on her, let’s see Tanya Arnold Wiki, Son, Wedding, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, Networth.

Tanya Arnold Wiki




She is raised by his parents & grandparents but their names are not available in the public domain. She was also known to throw tantrums at her mother when she told her to stay away from sports. Later, she confessed to feeling bad for her mother, as she hadn’t fulfilled the wish of her mother to be dressed and behave like a girl instead of Tomboy’s attitude.

Date of Birth:

She was born on 3rd January in the year of 1977.

Place Of Birth:

She was born in Yorkshire of England.

Zodiac Sign:

She is born a Capricorn

Maiden Name:

Tanya Ann


No information available


She completed her graduation in honors from University.


Tanya Arnold is a BBC Sports Presenter, who is also known for her work on The Super League Show.


At the beginning of her career, Tanya had done freelancing work for many radio programs for various FMs in the United Kingdom & people love to listen to her impactful voice.

When she was appeared on Tv covering a sports event, she grabbed eyeballs of the producer, who is already looking for a talent like her for his next program.

Before casting her as Sports Presenter for the BBC, the producer had done deep research on her past careers.

And finally, she replaced Harry Gration in 2012 as a presenter for the BBC Program known as The Super League Show.

She worked as a lead sports reporter for BBC Look North in 2017.

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Tanya Arnold Criticism:

In the public forum known as Transtastic, opened a public thread by someone in the year of 2012, where she was considered as transgender.

Not only but also, it was stated that her success as a sports presenter is credited to her manliness. Later she & her team management firmly denied all those accusations on her making a mockery of those by giving the medical evidence about her pregnancy and kids.

Though she once said, she wants to be an inspiration for the next generation of Tomboys Girls.


The name of her husband is Derm Tanner.


They were married since June 2012


She had 2 kids with Derm Tanner.



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Net Worth

$8-9 Lac