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Cassandra Fairbanks Bio, Wiki, Twitter, Instagram, Husband, Married, Kids, Net Worth

Cassandra Fairbanks is around 35 years of age. She is not only a famous political activist, but also a well-known journalist. She filed a lawsuit against another American reporter Emma Roller in the year 2017. She is living happily with her kid. Now let’s know Cassandra Fairbanks Bio, Wiki, Twitter, Instagram, Husband, Married, Kids, Net Worth, etc.

Cassandra Fairbanks Bio:



Date of Birth:

Cassandra Fairbanks was born on March 11 in the year of 1985 in the United States Of America


34 years Plus

Place Of Birth:

She was born in the United States Of America


Information not available



Zodiac Sign:


Maiden Name:



Data Unavailable


No information is available on her educational background


Cassandra Fairbanks is a famous political activist and journalist


She had featured in the most famous documentary known as DANCING MAN, which subjects Twitter anti-bullying campaign to fly Sean O’Brien, The Dancing Man, to a party in Los Angeles.

Cassandra banks had written content for various US NEWS NETWORK. Some examples are TEEN VOGUE, FREE THOUGHT PROJECT, PINAC NEWS, SPUTNIK NEWS, WE ARE CHANGE, etc.

Also, she becomes a part of Tv Documentary series known as BLACK & BLUE, which shows the Police Brutal behavior in Los Angeles.

Very few people know, Cassandra Fairbanks also featured in Tv documentary series like PANORAMA, which focuses on global matters & insights of British Life.

Not only but also, since the year of 2017, she is serving MEDIA OUTLET GATEWAY PUNDIT as a correspondent.

Cassandra Fairbanks Emma Roller Controversy In 2017:

Cassandra Fairbanks filed a lawsuit against American Journalist Emma Roller, which created lots of fuel to the fire.

The reason behind that is found in Emma’s defaming racist comments on Banks. Emma thinks of Cassandra as White Supremacist.

This went on with Roller re-posted an image of Fairbanks in her Twitter feed with a fellow conservative journalist. In the image, Mike Cernovich, who is the fellow journalist is making the ‘OK’ hand sign at the podium in the Whitehouse.

Emma captioned the image “Just two people doing a white power hand gesture in the Whitehouse”.

Fairbanks act in opposition to the allegation by pointing out that the gesture is generally used to define ‘AOK’ & that she is of partial Puerto Rican heritage.

Some Other Facts of Cassandra Banks:

She was once arrested mistakenly as a protestor in 2015, while she was working as a journalist for the St Louis Anti-police brutality protests. Also, she was released by fellow journalists, as they called for employer’s support.

She gained good political status with Clinton’s progress towards the democratic representative & the Orlando Nightclub Shooting, her aunt’s son was killed in the terrorist attack way back in June 2016.

Not only but also, lates in 2017, she helped organize & attended the Deploraball, an unofficial event to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president.

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She is married.


Husband’s name not available.


She is happily living with her daughter



See Instagram: Here

Net Worth:

The net worth of Cassandra Fairbanks is estimated at around $1 Lac.