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Thomas Plant Wiki, Bio, Wedding [Bargain Hunt Expert] Forrester, Auctioneer, Wife, Net Worth

The biggest question world is asking now is, Why did Thomas Plant change his name to Thomas Forrester? Before knowing that, let’s know that Thomas Plant is a world-famous auctioneer, who is also a Bargain Hunt expert. Yes, there is a lot of hula-hoop that occurred, when he changed his name. But his life is not less than a roller coaster ride. We want to inform you that, as per some theories, he changed his name, when he married Jessica Forrester. To know more like Thomas Plant, Wiki, Bio, Wedding [Bargain Hunt Expert] Forrester, Auctioneer, Wife, Net Worth, etc. let’s see the article below.

Thomas Plant Wiki


43 years Plus

Place of Birth:


Date Of Birth:

Though his birth date is not known, he was born in the year of 1975. It is not known to public, when Thomas cuts his birthday cake and made his birthday celebrations.


His nationality is British.

Full Name:

His full name is Thomas Plant.


Father: When Thomas was a child, he used to visit diverse cattle auctions along with his father named Stewart.

Mother: He has never revealed her mother’s name in public.


There are no details available about his siblings.


Thomas studied Fine Art Valuation at Southampton Solent University in the United Kingdom in the year of 1993. Since childhood, he wants to be an Antique Expert.

Not only but also, he wants to join the Armed forces as he was once a member of the School’s cadet force but later had given up on that idea. Also, he once decided to be a part of the three-year commission with the British Army.

Moreover, he also got a bachelor’s degree & honors.


Thomas Plant is a world-famous British TV Celebrity, best known for his work with the auction-based program BBC – Bargain Hunt. Thomas Plant also runs his own antique firm in Berkshire.


He started his career as a porter for Phillips Auctioneers.

Later, he became head of the decorative department, Works of Art & Ceramic.

He became a famous name on TV Shows like Bargain Hunt, The Antiques Road Trip & Flog it.

Furthermore, he served Bexhill On Sea in East Sussex & Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

Not only but also, having skilled in the jewelry & Silver field, he with his friend, Neil Shuttleworth became a business partner and started work in Special Auction services in September month in year 2006.

At present, he is a director cum expert in the field of antiques, watches, fine art, jewelry & silver.

Not only but also, he served as President of the University Fencing Club, and as a racer.

Moreover, he is an Associate of the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers/Valuers (ASFAV).

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Name Change:

Thomas Plant was prior known as Thomas Forrester. As per some latest information circulating, he changed his name, when he married Jessica Forrester.


Thomas Plant’s wife’s name is Angela, and they are happily married with young twins.


They have young twin daughters, & both are cute and intelligent like Thomas Plant and her wife Angela.

Net Worth:

Thomas net worth is estimated to be 1 million USD

Some Faqs:

When did Thomas Plant Wedding happen?

Thomas Plant is married to Jessica Forrester and changed his name to Thomas Forrester as per some theory makers.

How old is Thomas Plant?

He is currently enjoying his mid-50s.

Thomas Plant wife picture?

There are many pictures of Thomas Plant with his wife available on the internet.

Where was Thomas Plant born?

Thomas plant was born in England.

Does Thomas Plant have twins?

Yes, Thomas Plant has two twin daughters.

Who is Thomas Plant’s first wife?

The name of Thomas Plant’s first wife is Angela.

Who is Thomas Plant’s second wife?

The name of Thomas Plant’s second wife is Jessica Forrester.

Is Thomas Plant retired?

No, he is still working.