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My Coffee In London On One Rainy Day

The year was 1987 & I still remember that coffee in London. It was a Friday afternoon. It was half-day at the job & I am returning back home. It was around 2:30 pm and a bit of drizzle in the atmosphere with a temperature less than 4 degrees Celsius. The afternoon was quite dark as it felt like an evening in the afternoon. 


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Coffee In London On One Rainy Day: My Romantic Memories

Coffee In London On One Rainy Day: My Romantic Memories

I took a bus home. The bus drops me at the stand near my house. It was a walking distance of 2 km from the bus stand. I was in my 30s single & bachelor. I was quite a romantic man all of my life but haven’t been fortunate to have a girlfriend. Also, you can say doesn’t I haven’t find one of my types.

My Struggle:

There was a coffee shop near my house, where I often avoid having Coffee. But don’t know, on that day, I am feeling very cold & decided to have one cup of coffee there in the cold afternoon.

It was a nice ambiance in the coffee shop. Hotel California is the song playing in the coffee shop and also, it was one of my favorite songs. I used to listen to it in my school days. After some time there arrived a beautiful girl of around age 23-25 in the Coffee Shop with an Umbrella.

I was out of my conscience just looked at her & the Lady smiled at me. But I was a bit hesitant to give her back a smile. To my surprise, she comes to me and asked my permission to join the table. And how can I say no to such a gorgeous beautiful girl? And, one thing is guaranteed, that girl is every man’s dream. So I stand and give her a chair with all the respect.

That Dark Cold Afternoon:

She ordered a Sandwich and Coffee for her and asked me to. But I insist to her that I will pay her bills, she had a naughty smile on her face and she started looking downwards with a smile. A few minutes later our order was at our table. She asked me about life and don’t know why I like a parrot started uttering everything about me. Also, I told her I am single and had no girlfriend till now. To this, she laughs and I feel embarrassed.

But to my surprise, she started appreciating my way of talking and the respect I had given her. we sit there for an hour and exchange numbers.

On the way home I was only thinking about that girl. And, even when I closed my eyes. I see her face. I don’t know why but I want to meet her again but can’t have the courage to call her.

As another week of the rainy season continued, the sky is almost dark with a slight drizzle and just reached the bus stand at 2:45 on that day and moving towards the coffee shop with the hope to meet her again. And again, I decided to have a coffee again at the same coffee shop. I had just ordered the coffee and to my surprise, she enters the coffee shop again.

She recognized me and she had placed the same order again. I am thinking in my mind, where to start the talk. But this time she becomes more friendly and finally, I had decided to ask her for dinner. And, the way talks are happening between us, I am not surprised, she replied in affirmative to my dinner offer.

Mission Accomplished:

We met at dinner in a nice restaurant that night. We had talked about various matters like our family, job and friends. Between our chat, there came a time, when  I proposed to her for marriage. At first, she was she hesitated for a few seconds. Further, she looked left and right and accepted my proposal.

Guys, She is my wife today and it is my sweet love story.