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Top 20 Lucky Dreams Which Can Make You Super Rich

Dreams are often the subconscious image of what we do in our day to day life. But Some dreams are considered so much lucky that it can change the life of dreamer in positive ways. Some dreams are guarantee of getting rich for the dreamer. So let’s discuss about those Top 20 Lucky Dreams Which Can Make You Super Rich.

List Of Top 20 Lucky Dreams For Getting Super Rich are as follows :-

#1 Seeing God In Dream

This dream is considered as one of the most lucky dreams for the dreamer. In many religions it is said – When you see God in your dreams, than it means they want to show you the direction of success and they wants to fulfill your life with wealth and happiness.

When you see this dreams , you must follow your intuition and work in that direction giving your hundred percent in that field. This dream is a guarantee that you must follow your instincts. This instincts and intuitions are answers to your questions by God. And when you see dreams about God , they are putting a stamp of clearance that your dreams will get fulfilled.

#2 Seeing Universe in Dreams

Universe is infinite and God’s grace is infinite. It is said that God lives in the 6th dimensions in the Universe. So whenever you see dreams of stars or celestial bodies you must consider your self most lucky person on the earth. Universe is full of richness , there is everything you can find in universe.

This dreams clearly tries to tell you that again work on your intuitions and beliefs , because when you explore your field by using them, you will more and more. This dream is a guarantee by Universe , that you ask me for anything ,you will get it.

#3 Seeing Kiwi Fruits In Dream

If you are seeing yourself eating or harvesting the kiwi fruit in your dream, than you will going to get rich. Kiwi fruit is considered as lucky charm. Kiwi fruit is God’s favorite fruit. It is said that Kiwi Fruits had many qualities , which can keep a human body healthy.

Apart from that, Kiwi is considered as a sacred fruit in many religions of the world. If you are seeing the Kiwi Fruits regularly in dream ,than get ready to become rich. This dreams suggests that you will get immense wealth suddenly from unknown sources. Also, you may opportunities which you had never thought that will comes to you.

#4 Praying In Temple In Dream

This is an auspicious dream. When you visit any temple in dream or you sees the God in the form of idol in temples ,or any holy places. Please understand it is an invitation by God that you must visit the Temple, Church, Mosque regularly to get the God’s blessings.

Also, it is said that this holy places had very so much positive energy , that if all your negative energy get cleansed when you visit these holy places regularly. Moreover, you will peace and calm at such places.

This dream says that, God wants to change your life and wants you do something big in your life. Also, God had chosen you to live a wealthy and healthy life. So if you are seeing this dreams please visit the Temple or any holy places regularly. Top 20 Lucky Dreams Which Can Make You Super Rich

#5 Seeing The Number 444 in dreams

Number 444 is an angelic number. It is said that if you often sees this number in your waking life, you are in tandem with the energies of Universe. Seeing this dream in conscious state is considered super lucky.

Now when you sees this number in dreams , without a doubt you must consider yourself luckiest person on the earth. Because very few people on earth are seeing this dream. It’s dream significance is very powerful.

Also, it means God or Angels says that ” Dear Dreamer Or Hooman , in whichever work ,field or profession you put you hand, it will get a massive success”.

This dream also suggest that God and angels will protect you from your enemies and nobody can stand against you. So if you sees this dream , do your work flawlessly without any insecurities. The powerful Creator is with you.

#6 Seeing Mercury In Dream

Mercury was found in Pyramids and Tombs of Egypt since 1500 BC. Though scientifically it is toxic, Chinese and Tiberian Religion consider it to prolong life , heal fractures and maintain a good health. In Hinduism ,it is said that , mercury is very liked by Shiva -” The Hindu Supreme God”

But when we talk about the Dream significance of mercury ,it is deeply associated with wealth and prosperity. Is is considered as purest form of metal on earth. When someone sees the dream of mercury in liquid state, he or she may get lots and lots of wealth through unknown sources. Seeing mercury in dream in any form is considered a fortune changing dream.

#7 Seeing Ocean In Dreams

Ocean is full of mysterious animals and things. Our earth is surrounded by 70% water and 30% soil. So when ever you dream about Ocean, you must understand that there is vast potential inside you which is ready to show performance.

Dream about Ocean is considered very lucky as it will provide you the way to reach success. Ocean had the power to interact with moon and other planets in our Ocean. It means you get success through multiple ways. It is your belief about yourself and your strong will power will give you unlimited success. Whenever you see dream about Ocean, it is a message from Creator of the universe for you – ” BELIEVE IN YOURSELF EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU”

But Sometimes this dream also had negative meaning : Click Here To Know It

#8 Dream of White Horse With Horns & Wings

It is said by spiritual experts 1/1000000000000 is seeing this dreams. And whoever see this dream will rule the world. It is the most lucky dream for the dreamer. This horse is an angel of God who is telling you , that you are a king and you will rule your life.

Horse is the symbol of speed and power and it indicates that you will get full authority of life and power and wealth. You may somehow becomes the king of your profession. White horse is the ride of kings and God had send it specifically for you. So you must embrace this dreams with heart and do everything with belief. Ultimately you will become the king of your life.

#9 Seeing Cactus in Dreams

Seeing the cactus tree with thorns and flowers is one of the most luckiest dream ever. This dream will definitely going to give you lots of wealth. This dream is a suggestion of extreme will power. The dreamer is actually can stand against all odds as the cactus tree grows in desert with less water. This dream represents you don’t need too many resources to accumulate wealth. You can become successful and wealthy person in any condition.

If you are seen this dream often, than believe us nobody can stop you to get extreme success. This dream is not only considered for good fortune but it’s auspicious too. If you are plucking cactus from the roots , it is considered time had come to accumulate immense wealth that you have waited long for all your life.Top 20 Lucky Dreams Which Can Make You Super Rich

#10 Seeing Fountains In Dream

This dream of fountain suggests lots of money from unknown sources is waiting to enter your lockers. The person who sees fountains often in dreams will get money from sources that they haven’t thought for a single second in their whole life. Fountains represents coolness of mind and body. When our body is free from stress ,it automatically works in favor of you.

Dreams of active fountains says that you will become financially so strong that no one can dare to have an evil eye or no malicious intentions of your enemies work against you. You will lead an exotic life with pleasures of all kind available on earth.

#11 Seeing Dragons In Dreams

Seeing Dragons in dream is considered to be very auspicious. It is said that dragon are the protector of wealth in old times. Dragon is extinct from the earth when human’s have just evolved. Dragons are one of the most furious and dangerous species in the mythical world. In Chinese religion, Dragon is considered to be the creator of the universe and they consider dragons as ride of Angels and Gods. If you are seeing dragon in dreams, you will going to gain good wealth in future.

Moreover, it is said God visits the dreamers in the form of dragon to change the life of the dreamer in a fortunate way. Many alchemist  still say dragons exist in the center of the earth and they will evolve when earth will comes in danger. There are people who possess the qualities of dragons on earth and they are called super humans. And also, it is said dragon will only comes in the dreams of super humans. So if you are seeing dragons in the dream, you are one lucky person to gain unlimited wealth and fame due to dragon like qualities inborn with you but you have to wake them up through practice.


#12 Seeing Naked Women with a stick In Dream

This dream is sensual but it is also a very good dream for the dreamer as it clearly indicates that you possess energy like naked Goddess. It is considered that if you see women completely nude with a stick in her hands, than she is the goddess from the another world who is impressed by your good deeds or your aura and wants you gift a wealthy fortune with lots of love, lust , wealth and fame.  If you are seeing naked women again and again in the dream, you must find some good news in your life, which will change your life completely.

This kind of dreams are often the indirect message from God or Angels that they want to help you and want you to get immense wealth and also , they wants you to spend that wealth for the welfare of others. In this world of avarice, God had found you to spread humanity in many ways. So they had selected you to see this dreams and get wealth by some unknown and legit sources. If you are seeing this dream, than you must follow your instincts and intuitions.Top 20 Lucky Dreams Which Can Make You Super Rich

#13 Seeing Huge Mountains In Dreams

It is a very lucky dream. If you are seeing this dreams again and again that means you may get sudden money or wealth from unknown sources. It is said that Mountains are a sign of success. Also, it is said there is lots of wealth and gold is buried under mountains. Also many precious metals are found under mountains.

Mountains are considered very holy in Chinese and Indian religions. So if you see mountains in your dreams again and again, than you must start on working on your dreams and ambitions in life. It is said that you will get that unlimited success within short frame of time. But believe in those dreams and stick to your plans and ideas. Dreaming about mountains is a guarantee of success in life in various projects and ideas.

#14 Seeing Iron Metal In Dreams

Dreaming is not merely a coincidence but a sign of future signals. All the visually dreamed dreams of dreamers have some indications of them.  There are some such dreams that give pre-informed information. There are some such dreams which point to the bad times of the future. It is also a dream to see the iron in the dream, which gives an indication before success in future.

Iron is considered a sign of strength in the dream. But what happens when this iron appears in someone’s dream? Dream interpretation says that iron appears in the dream, then it means that the person will have to work hard in the future.  This dream also precedes this fact that the hard work you have initiated is going to get you immense success soon. Not only this, showing iron in a dream is an indicator of success that comes after hard work. In such a case, if you have seen the iron in your dream, then understand that the hard work you have been doing for a long time is to get the result big-time for you soon.Top 20 Lucky Dreams Which Can Make You Super Rich

#15 Dream Of Construction Of Buildings

When you dream of construction of buildings and sky scrapers, this dream suggests unlimited wealth. Also, it is said that as Skyscrapers are touching the sky , you will touch the height of success. This dreams is a message from your subconscious mind that your life is going on a development stage. Moreover, things like painting on the wall, construction of terrace, seeing new architectural designs etc will give you unlimited success in real life ventures. This dream suggests as the building had many parts in construction, similarly your life will be construct towards success, wealth, and fame.


#16 Seeing Elephant in Dreams

Again it is an auspicious dream which represents wealth and good fortune. In some religions elephant is considered sacred and God like figure. It is said when an elephant visits in your dream , its time to get ultra rich. Some kind of big opportunity, wealth, or money from unknown resources will come in your life. As elephant is also a powerful animal so it indicates that you will reach on a powerful position and will get immense success in life.

Elephant is also a calm and peaceful animal so it will bring peace and calmness in your life. You will lead a happy and good life if you sees the dream of elephant again and again. So friends its time to cheer for you as you will get unlimited wealth and success soon.Top 20 Lucky Dreams Which Can Make You Super Rich

#17 Seeing Sweat In Dreams

Most of the people from spiritual world don’t know about this dream meaning. If you see yourself sweating in dream, you are one of the luckiest person on earth because you will definitely get rich in future. This dream actually is associated with hard work. This life is dependent on two thing vision and hard work. If you don’t know, we want to tell you sweat in dream is associated with hard work.

If you see someone sweating in dream, it means by some source or means or person, you will get unlimited wealth. If you see yourself in dream sweating in cold winter, it indicates that you must follow your instincts and works accordingly. No body on this earth can stop you from getting success. It is said those who sweats doing hard work are the real successful person, who are the pioneers who had made significant development on earth and helped the whole mankind. Top 20 Lucky Dreams Which Can Make You Super Rich

#18 Seeing Clocks In Dream

This is a dream which suggests that your good time will come soon. When you see clocks in dreams you are seeing the one dimension in which we are living. It foretells that legends from the higher dimensions wants you give some suggestions or tricks or idea , which will change your life completely. You will become a celebrity or a very important person. You will get so much famous that everybody wants to be a part of your life and always gossip about you. Bill gates , Andrew Carnegie , Barack Obama are the examples of such personas. 

When you see clocks in dreams again and again, than you should believe yourself and must do everything with hundred percent dedication and leave the rest to the creator of the universe.

# 19 Seeing Lightning In Dreams

Seeing lightning in dream indicates your direct connection with God. Lightning in dreams represents power and authority. When you see lightning in dreams more than often, than you must ask for directions in life. In some or another way , it will come to you and your life will change completely. Belief is the biggest driving factor in any kind of success. Everybody is working but those who are working with the belief , that success is made for me, believe us that this dream is proved to be a boon for you. Top 20 Lucky Dreams Which Can Make You Super Rich

This dream of lightning also says that your life will be tough, you may get hardships in life. But that hardships will come to serve a greater purpose and fruits. This kind of dreams often come to people who are highly ambitious and had an don’t give up attitude. Get the idea from God, Work on it with the belief that it is made for me and i will make it successful at any damn cost. Nobody on this earth can stop you just embrace the dreams which God is sending you.

#20 Seeing Yourself Homeless and Poor in Dreams

Homeless or poor sometimes is not choice. But when we see this dreams , it means we will get wealth from the God, as we are very poor in God’s eyes. God wants to give all the materialistic things available on the earth. Creator wants us to rule the world. Almighty wants us to make big achievements in life. This is also an urban legend– that if you are seeing your self poor and homeless in dreams, some big fortunes and lots of wealth is coming your way. You don’t have to do much , it will come in to your life sooner or later. This is the most luckiest dreams as compared to others, because many old saints and Pope also gives a guarantee for such kinds of dream. So work hard in real life and if this 20 dream comes in your sleep, that you are the chosen one from God.


Nothing in this world beats persistence, patience and hard work. But we are living in a world where everything is possible. One such topics are dreams and it is proved true often from time to time. So we had bring this topic ” Top 20 Lucky Dreams Which Can Make You Super Rich”. in this blog-post. If you are seeing this dreams you must consider yourself lucky but as we said nothing can replace Persistence, patience and hard work. So be lucky dreaming and doing.