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Todd Standing Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Married, Wife, Kids, Net Worth

Todd Standing is a man from Canada, who has done years of research on Bigfoot and also has made many films on the topic including the documentary ” Discovering Bigfoot”. He wants to prove to the world that Bigfoot’s existence is no myth. Let’s find Todd Standing Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Married, Wife, Kids, Net Worth, etc.

Todd Standing Wiki:


He is the son of his Canadian parents. Not much is disclosed by him about his dear parents.

Date of Birth / Birthday:

His date of birth or birthday is not available.

Place of Birth:

He is born in the Western province of Alberta, Canada.


How old is Todd Standing? Todd Standing’s actual age details are not available.


His nationality is Canadian.


His ethnic background is white.


His nickname is Todd.

Zodiac Sign / Sun Sign:

His birth sign details are not available.

Physical Measurements:

Todd Standing Height:

How tall is Todd Standing? Todd Standing’s actual height details are not available.


His actual body weight details are not available.

Hair Color:

No details are available on his hair type and color.

Eyes Color:

No details are available on his eye color.

Shoe Size:

His shoe size details are not available.


She has one sister Louise.


He went to the Univesity of Alberta, but in which subject he mastered or graduate himself is not known.


He is a filmmaker, director, and most important researcher.


He started his career working at one of the sawmills in Canada.

His belief in bigfoot has increased growing up listening to stories and watching videos about bigfoot.

He took a big step in the year 2006 when he decided to explore everything about bigfoot himself and went into the jungle of British Columbia for finding conclusive evidence of sasquatch.

He presented two videos of evidence of bigfoot to the government of Canada and wanted protection for the creature.

He grabbed many eyeballs as well as media attention and newspapers, TV, Radio, Social Media as well as websites are filled with content related to Todd Standing as he has convinced the Canadian House of Commons to certify the petition for the protection of bigfoot.

He has told the world about his research via the show Protecting Bigfoot and also on the show Bigfoot Vocalizations in 2007.

Two other researchers with Ph. D.s joined him on the field after he shared some conclusive data with them and even convinced Les Stroud for a special edition about Bigfoot.

One can find a 10 episodes series of Survivorman Bigfoot on Les Stroud’s YouTube channel Survivorman – Les Stroud. It is not known, if Todd is the inspiration behind this or if Les’s own curiosity about the creature has made him make a web series on it.

His work can be seen in his documentary called “Discovering Bigfoot” which can be seen on Netflix and was made with the motive to raise funds for doing more research on the creature.

Also, he has worked on one more documentary called Bigfoot North, which has not worked as per expectation and has even not covered its production cost.

Todd sued British Columbia in 2018, for not giving importance and acknowledgment to Bigfoot and its’ protection. It is further dismissed by the Canadian court.

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Wife / Spouse:

The name of her dear husband is Mark Hair. He has served as an F-15 fighter pilot.

Marriage / Wedding

The couple exchanged wedding vows in the presence of their family members, relatives, and close friends in the year 1990.

Kids / Children:

They are proud parents of two beautiful daughters. The name of their daughters is Emma and Audrey.


He is famous among people for Bigfoot and more than 13k people follow him on Instagram (@real_toddstanding)


He is nearing the 1k followers mark on Twitter with the username @Todd_Standing


Many people are fascinated by the bigfoot content on his Facebook profile.

Salary / Net Worth:

He is working for a long time to prove to the whole world that Bigfoot existence and his journey have been perilous as well as exhilarating at the same time. He has worked hard to raise funds as a film director but has not accumulated enough for the bigfoot expedition.