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Danny Sebastian Biography, Wiki, Age, Married, Wife, Kids, Net Worth

We all have our interests and hobbies as a person. And, the most important thing is that our hobbies and interests are not the same at all. If we talk of Danny Sebastian, who is born and raised in Northampton, United Kingdom, he has a keen interest in collecting things since he was eight years old. And, he got a unique style of working, which is most appreciated by the audience. We must learn from his hard work and dedication, and the proverb is quite suited to him that when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Let’s explore more of him including his biography, Wikipedia, personal and professional details as well as his income, salary, and net worth.

Danny Sebastian Wiki:


Father: Danny lost his dear father at the age of 15, and has gone through many hardships evolving as an antique expert. He was very much depressed because of his father’s death and also went to jail for robbery and violence for some time.

Mother: He has helped her mother in antique collection, since he was eight years old kid.

Moreover, his parents are immigrants from Dominion Republic.

Date of Birth:

Danny Sebastian date of birth is not available.

Place of Birth:

Danny was born in Northampton, UK.


He has crossed his 50s but his exact date of birth and age is not available.


Danny Sebastian nationality is British.


His ethnicity is black


His nickname is Danny.

Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign:

His zodiac sign is not available

Physical Measurements:

Danny Sebastian Height:

He is quite tall in height around 6 feet and 4 inches.


Not available.

Hair Color:


Eyes Color:


Shoe Size:

No details available


No details available


When he was in school, a tragedy has taken away his father away from him. And, he led quite a rough life after that. He never revealed any information about his education in pubic.


Danny is one of the most renowned and famous experts on BBC1’s ‘Bargain Hunt’ and ‘Street Auction’. 


Danny has a love for collecting the best things out of junk, which nobody else thing of collecting. Also, her mother is taking him to different auctions, and slowly his love towards auctioning grows.

Working in the same field, Danny got enough experience and through his saved money, he purchased a van one for himself and started the business out of a van in the same domain.

At present, he works with private customers helping them in buying and selling antique items.

He is working with designer brands such as All Saints, Tommy Hilfiger and Fat Face.

Moreover, he is appearing regularly on the hit BBC Series known as Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. And other BBC1 shows named Street Auction and Bargain Hunt, where he offers his skills and expertise.

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Marriage/ Wedding:

He is married to a women named Joanne.


The name of her wife is Joanne.


Danny has three cute daughters with Joanne.

What Are Danny’s hidden facts and Hobbies?

He love his van and he loves to travel various places in England and also loves to attend various auctions and antique fairs.

He is a very compassionate man, who wants to create a charity house for the welfare of underprivileged people in UK and help them to setup a better life in the Carribean Islands.


No account found.


A cheerful tweet by Danny as below:


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Net Worth:

He has garnered quite a good networht from his profession as an antique expert but exact details is not avialable.

Besides, from his profession, he has love to dine at good places, petting and walking with his dog and also loves to dance.