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Ashley Kaufmann Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Siblings, Married, Husband, Kids, Net Worth

Sometimes, we don’t know, we will become famous due to our family members. And, when our family member is a world-famous celebrity, media and audience attention is a normal thing. The same happened in 2008 when it was confirmed that Ashley Kaufmann is the half-sister of Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan is the daughter of Michael Lohan. And, also Michael Lohan came out to be the father of Ashley Kaufmann. Let’s know more about Ashley Kaufmann bio, Wikipedia, Age, Siblings, Parents, Career Details, Achievements as a Pop Singer, and many more details of her.

Ashley Kaufmann Wiki:


Father:Daryl Kauffman

Mother:Kristi Horn Kauffman

Biological Father: When Ashley was 13 years old in 2008, it was confirmed that Michael Lohan is the biological father of Ashley Lohan.

Date of Birth:

Ashley was born on 30th June in the year 1995.

Place of Birth:

Her place of birth is Montana, USA.


As of 2021, she is 26 years old.


She is an American by nationality.


Her ethnicity is white


She has released pop albums with “Ashley A” . While, her friends, family members, relatives, closed-ones and fans are calling her with nickname Ashley.

Maiden Name:

Ashley kaufmann is her maiden name.

Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign:

There is no details available of her zodiac sign as of now but if we look at the western calender, her zodiac sign is came out to be Cancer.

Physical Measurements:

Ashley Kaufmann Height:

No details available


No details available

Hair Color:

No details available

Eyes Color:

No details available

Shoe Size:

No details available


Ashley is the half-sister of famous American Actress Lindsay Lohan. Besides, being the half-sister of Lindsay, she is the half-sister of Ali, Cody, and Michael Jr from Michael’s 1st marriage to Dina Lohan. While Landon and Logan Lohan are from Michael’s second marriage to Kate Major. They all are the half-siblings of Ashley from Michael Lohan’s two marriage.

Kristi Kaufmann & Michael Lohan:

Talking of her mother Kristi Kaufmann, she is an ex-beauty pageant contestant and now is a professional massage therapist. While Michael Lohan was working as Wall Street Broker in past.

Michael though married to Dina Lohan had an extramarital affair with Kristi and in 2005, Kristi came in contact with Michael again, when he was in prison and a DNA test was done and Ashley came out to be his biological daughter & his name was added to her birth certificate.

Ashley Kaufmann & Lindsay Lohan

Both the half-sister are unaware of the fact until the DNA Test was done and it made the headlines in 2012, grabbing the huge attention of the Media.

It was when, Lindsay was asked on Good Morning America, about her half-sister, when she was there to promote his movie Liz & Dick.

In an interview, Lindsay said:

“I didn’t even hear that, so thanks. I don’t read the news. I don’t pay attention to that,” Lohan said about the news that has been rumored since 2008 and was recently confirmed when Lohan’s father dearest, Michael Lohan, went on The Trisha Goddard Show to have a paternity test, in which it was revealed that he was the biological father of Kaufmann.


There is no confirmed information is available on her educational background.


She is a pop-singer by profession.


While, she appeared on the show The Trish Goddard Show on NBC along with her mother and met her biological father for the first time.

She has tried her hand into pop singing when she was just 16 years old. She recorded a series of tracks under the name “Ashley A”. The name of her first pop album is Play With The Boys, which is produced by Paul Couture. Paul Couture is an American multi-genre music producer and songwriter from Austin, Texas.

To boost her career as a pop singer, she also undergone several surgeries. One of them is her nose surgery too.

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Marriage/ Wedding:

Currently, there is no information available of her marital status and marriage details.

Husband/ Spouse:

No details available.


No details available.


No account found


No account found


No account found

Net Worth:

There is no information available of her net worth at present. But as soon as she will share, we will update it here.