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Bruce Bozzi Wiki, Bio, Age, Marriage, Husband, Kids, Instagram, Net worth

There are many fan of Bruce Bozzi for his work in the field of Hotels and restaurants. He had made a name as a Business Executive and Vice President of Palm Restaurant Group. Let’s discuss Bruce Bozzi Wiki details, Bio, Marital details, Carrier & Professional details and his net worth.

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Bruce Bozzi Wiki:


The name of his father is Bruce Bozzi Sr.

Date of Birth:

Bruce Bozzi was born on 24th March, 1966.

Place of Birth:

Bruce Bozzi was born in the Manhattan City located in the New York State located in the USA.


57 years old






PalmStkMan is his nickname.

Zodiac Sign:

Aries is his zodiac sign.


Education background is under review.


By profession, he is not only a restaurant owner of the Palm Restaurant chains but also, Business Executive and Vice President of Palm Restaurant Group


The biggest achievement is that, Bruce Bozzi had successfully move forward his forefather’s chain of restaurant also known as The Palm Restaurant Group.

As you must know, that Palm Hotel Group had a history of it’s own, and where John Ganzi & Pio Bozzi are in partnership, and had a very big part in making Palm Hotel, what it is today. Yes, they had allowed Cartoonists to draw many cartoons on the wall of the Palm Hotel Walls. And, for their service as cartoonists, they are getting delicious food at the table.

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Moreover, Bruce Bozzi presents his own radio show. He uses his restaurant named Lunch With Bruce, which was located in Los Angeles.

What is more important, as Bruce Bozzi Jr. had well-marketed the restaurant chains across United States of America. And, he is very much successful in doing that. As a marketing director & vice president, he had left no stone unturned to bring the Hotel Chains at an international level.

He is a wonderful human being, it can be see as he had always treated the daughter named Billie Lourd of his husband Bryan Lourd, as his own.

Not only but also, Bruce Bozzi is so much famous on social profiles like Instagram, Twitter. He had more than 80K followers on Instagram, while he always used the platform for community service and speak against hatred and violence toward the LGBTQ community

Bryan Lourd and Bruce Bozzi Relationship:

They both have love feeling for each other from a long time. And it was 12th October in the year 2016, when Bryan Lourd & Bruce Bozzi decided the day to get married.

While Bryan Lourd is prior married to actress Carrie Fisher, and the father of Billie Lourd. Carrie had achieved fame for her role in the Star Wars Franchise as princess Leia.

Bryan Lourd is also a top level managing director of CAA(Creative Artists Agency) and also worked as an agent with many well-known celebrities.


He is married to Bryan Lourd on October 13th in the year 2016. Bryan Lourd ex-wife was a famous actress Carrie Fisher.


Bryan Lourd is his husband.


Daughter: Ava Bozzi


She got over 1.4 lakh followers on Instagram (@bruzebozzi)


She got 6.7k followers on Twitter (@bruzebozzi) at the time of writing this article.


Look at the Facebook Post of Palm Hotel: Click Here

Net Worth / Salary:

The net worth of Bruce Bozzi is estimated between $2-$5 million. However, her salary details are yet to be updated.