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Ivy Calvin Wiki, Bio, Wikipedia, Wife Net worth, MMA Storage Wars, Store

Ivy Calvin is a famous celebrity, businessman & Reality TV Star best known as a participant for the hit show Storage Wars and an ambitious person, who had got things in life,he wants. With over 16 overs of buying experience, he now is the owner of his store called Grandma’s Attic. Keeping things in mind, we will see the bits & pieces of his life. Let’s find Ivy Calvin Wiki, Bio, Wikipedia, Wife Net worth, MMA Storage Wars, Store

Ivy Calvin Wiki:

Date Of Birth:

Ivy Calvin is born on 10th of September in the year of 1971 (September 10th, 1971)

Place Of Birth:

He is born in United States of America & had spent his entire life in California.


He is 52 years old.


His nationality is American.


His ethnicity is black.


He has not disclosed any details about his parents.


He has not revealed details about his siblings.

Zodiac Sign:

His zodiac sign is Virgo

Physical Measurements:

Height: 6 feet and 1 inches

Weight: Moderate

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Shoe Size: Not confirmed


Ivy Calvin completed graduation from California State University in North-ridge. In the University, he was assigned the position of a linebacker for the university’s football team.


Ivy Calvin is the owner of a famous merchandise store well known as Grandmas’s Attic. He is a professional footballer & an actor for a TV Show featured for more than 50 episodes.


Ivy started his career from being a professional footballer & than he move towards martial arts. He stated once, that sports helped him growing his determination.

He himself nicknamed as “King Of Palmdale” after the huge success of his thrift Store.

For you to know, he had researched on various auction houses & explored many storage sales & finally decided to open his beautiful thrift store in the respective year of 2009 in Palm dale located in California.

People recognized his store as “Grandma Attic” and the store had reached the height of success as Ivy was very determined to bring more and more beautiful merchandise for his customers, and lastly building a strong bond between them.

Not only but also, Ivy Calvin as a sports person had collaborated with Vasquez High School. Not only but also, he served their football team as assistant coach. Furthermore, growing his relationship with the school, he raised funds through Social Media Platform Facebook. Those funds are used to buy new sporting equipment’s.

He had a big heart and had done many charities by promoting various fund raising events on his social Media Accounts. Not only but also, he is using social media to post family pictures & the cool merchandise he bring for his thrift shop.

Calvin is a family guy, as when he is not working, he often spend time with his family, catching fish & enjoying road trips with his two sons & wife.

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MMA Storage Wars :

Calvin’s interest in acting given him joining the cast in 5th season of famous TV series Storage Wars. Very few people know, he had been part of the show;s 4th season, where he appeared in guest role.

But who had think that before, Ivy will do more than 50 episodes of Storage wars, and that too by replacing Dave Hester & becoming the most important part of the show.

Ivy Calvin Arena Football:

Before moving his career in to Merchandise store & Storage wars, Ivy Calvin was a professional footballer, and he had helped schools in growing the sport by fundraising his own Social Media Accounts like Facebook & Others.


His wife name is Wendy Calvin, similarly like Ivy Calvin, she likes to keep herself low profile.


Ivy Jr. and Isaiah are sons of Ivy Calvin.


He got more than 19.3k people following him on Twitter (@storagewarsivy) at the time of writing this article.


He loves to post about different beautiful merchandise on his Instagram account (@grandmas_attic_acton) which has more than 12k followers at the time of writing this article.


He got a huge following of 176k people following him on his Facebook Page (@storagewarsivy)


Ivy Calvin had an estimated net worth of around $ 1.5 million. His source of income are acting & merchandise business.