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Norman Kali Bio, Wiki, Age [EVANGELINE LILLY] Wikipedia, Networth

Who is Norman Kali? And, What is he doing in life?. Today, we will discuss Normal kali Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife Evangeline Lilly & many more interesting facts about the celebrity.

Norman Kali is a famous production assistant, who is famous for his work in Peter Jackson’s directed ” The Hobbit- Desolation of Smaug’. And, he had co-assist in many famous films like Tears of the Sun, Tropic Thunder & many famous Hollywood projects.

Norman kali Memoir


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40 years plus as of now.

Date Of Birth:

Norman kali was born in the year 1978.

Place Of Birth:

Hawaii, United States of America




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Body Features:

Body Attributes Of Norman KaliResults
Height:5 Feet 10 inches
Walking StyleMacho
Weight:62 kg
Shoe Size:8
Eye Color:Black Eyes Pupil
Hair Color:Blonde Hairs

Loves Do To:

Surfing, Mountain Climbing, Skating, Snow Skating & Volleyball

Maiden name:



He is a graduate but school, University information is unavailable.


Norman kali worked as an actor & director in popular projects such as “Lost”, “North Shore”, 50 First Dates(2004), The Big Bounce(2004), Undercovers(2010), The Prince of Motor City(2008), Special Delivery(2008), & Peter Jackson’s Fantasy tail known as The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug(2013).


Norman Kali is a famous American production assistant.

Relationship With Evangeline Lilly:

He loves to live his life away from the spotlight. He tries to keep his lip tight in other to keep his family and relationship with Evangeline Lilly away from the media.

Norman met Evangeline Lilly while working on the set of the popular television series, Lost.

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She was the lead actress and the couple formed a close relationship and they officially started dating in May 2010.

Evangeline Lilly and Norman Kali welcomed their first child on May 21, 2011, and named him Kahekili which means ‘thunder’ in Hawaiian.

The couple welcomed their second child, In November 2015. The only detail that has been revealed is that the baby is a girl.


Evangeline Lilly

Also, he dated, Lisa Edelstein back in 2009


Son: kahekili Lilly Kali, born on 23rd May 2011

Daughter: Name Update Soon


$2 Million & Getting a handsome salary working as Assistant Producer in Hollywood Films