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Kelly Rebecca Nichols Wiki, Bio, Age [ Alex Jones Spouse] Net Worth

Kelly Rebecca Jones is the ex-wife of Alex Jones. Alex Jones is the owner of “INFOWARS”. She is a very calm lady in real life. She had gained so much popularity because of her relationship with Alex Jones. Let’s read more of Kelly Rebecca Nichols Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Instagram, Children, parents and many more important aspects of her life.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols Wiki, Memoir

Date of Birth:

Kelly Rebecca Johnson was born on 2nd July 1968.

Place of Birth:

She was born on Travis Country in Texas Region of USA.




Father: Edmund Lowe

Mother: Sandra Key



Maiden Name:

Violet Jones


James Edmund & Jill Elizabeth


There is not much information available about her education. May be she choose to kept the information personal.


During her relationship with Alex Jones, she helped him in growing his business. Also, she made his company grow by her PR skills and gaining more publicity stunts for Alex’s Company.

She remained in controversy becuase of Alex Jones Conspiracy theories, Infowars and talk shows. And again, her divorce with Alex Jones, had created huge controversy becuase of her fight of the custody of three childrens with him.

As her father was also a financial analyst and created controversy, as convicted of a fraud.


Her major achievement is for Alex Jones, to help him bigtime to make Alex Jones company in to a brand name.

As Alex Jones Wife: Kelly Rebecca Nichols Wiki

Alex and Kelly fell in love, when Alex was not so famous. After a good time spent in relationship, they married in 2007, and at that time Alex was just growing Infowars, but it was not a brand name. But soon, Alex realizes that Kelly had some excellent PR skills and marketing tactics, which helped in growing his company Infowars in to a big name. But the relationship end up in a divorce, and it makes a big controversy for the judicial custody of three childrens of them.

Divorce: The biggest reason of their divorce is Lee Ann McAdoo, who is co-host and working with Alex Jones .As per the media news, the infidelity of Alex Jones with kelly is the biggest reason of the breakdown of their relationship. This had created so much controversy, that Lee Ann McAdoo also had taken break from her work and returned back to INFOWARS in 2017.

The couple divorce was finalized in the year of 2015. Also, Alex told the media the reports about his relationship with Lee Ann McAdoo is bogus.

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Custody Battle: Their custody battle for the tree children’s had created a controversy Alex Jones had paid $3.1 million to Kelly Rebecca Nichols, and had given keys of a luxurious mansion located in the Austin region of Texas.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols & PETA

Being an animal lover, and working for PETA after her PR skills was noticed by PETA, and she started working for Public relation department of PETA. Kelly’s first public stunt was for PETA, when Kelly had thrown a dead raccoon on Anna Wintour’s plate while the director of Vogue was having dinner at Four Seasons in New York.

Not only but also, she had thrown a tofu cream pie in the face of the famous fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.

She is very good in PR and she used her PR skills successfully, while helping her ex-husband and alos for helping animals, who can’t speak for themselves working for PETA.


The couple married in 2007.


The couple had three kids, and their custody makes a big news.

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If we talk about her net worth, she got $3.1 million from Alex Jones, when she divorced him in the year 2015.

Also, she is getting $43,000 per month as alimony.

And also, she got a mansion in Austin, Texas by ex-husband Alex Jones.