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Jim Kwik Biography, Wiki, Age, Podcast, Ethnicity, Education, Married Kids, Net Worth

Jim Kwik Biography: Kwik Learning is founded by Jim kwik. He is a world-famous expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. In this blog, we will see some interesting information about him such as Jim Kwik Biography, Wiki, Age, Podcast, Ethnicity, Education Married, Kids, Net Worth, etc.

Jim Kwik Memoir:

Date Of Birth:

Mr. Jim kwik was born on the 29th of July in the respective year of 1973.

Place Of Birth:

The United States Of America




46 years old


No information is available of his parent’s name but, his dad’s birthday is October 15th.


No information is available.

Maiden Name:


Sun Sign:



We don’t know about his educational background. But if we follow his words. He once quoted:

I was known as the “boy with the broken brain. ” A childhood head injury at age five left me struggling in school. For a while, I even believed I could never be as good as other kids when it came to learning.
I was slow and barely survived school, but never stopped hoping for better.


  • CEO of Kwik Learning
  • International Speaker
  • Founder of SuperheroYou
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Memory & Speed-Reading Expert


Jim is the CEO of Kwik Learning. He coaches people and corporations to help them learn better & also saying that regardless of one’s age, background, or education level, one can always find new ways to use their own brain.

Jim Kwik has experience of more than25 years to help people improve their memory, learn to read fast and discover their brain potential.

Jim kwik teaches his techniques to students at world-famous universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and NYU.


Moreover, Jim had also served Nike, SpaceX, and Virgin in order to help the employees get the best results out of their work.

Jim’s motivation in his business is the belief that our education system is extremely old and outdated, even though we live in the era of spaceships and supercomputers.

Also, he said that the learning techniques that he has developed should be taught to schoolchildren and adults.

Jim has met with a lot of famous people like Elon Musk, Michelle Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Sergei Brin and Larry Page (founders of Google), Bono, Steven Tyler, Stan Lee, Steven Spielberg, Elton John, Quincy Jones, Will Smith, Harrison Ford, and Oprah Winfrey.


Jim was married to Alexis Banc


Her beautiful name after marriage is Alexis Kwik


No information is available

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  1. jimkwik.com
  2. superheroyou.com
  3. brainacceleration.com


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