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Mike Rutherford Biography Education Profession Height Wife Kids Net Worth

In this article, we will discuss about Mike Rutherford Biography Education Profession Wife Kids Net Worth , unknown facts, social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter etc. Also, we will discuss about the achievements of Mike Rutherford

Mike Rutherford Biography Education Profession Height Wife Kids Net Worth
Mike Rutherford Biography Education Profession Height Wife Kids Net Worth

Mike Rutherford Memoir

Full Name:

Michael John Cloete Crawford Rutherford

Place Of Birth:

Chertsey Surrey in United kingdom

Date Of birth:

2 October 1950


Father: Crawford Rutherford
Mother: Anne Rutherford



Quotes By Mike Rutherford Biography:

Despite the media’s perception of us, we didn’t think of ourselves as a singles band. In our minds we were a band that did long songs but just happened to have a few hits. (On Genesis)

We are all shocked and devastated by Paul’s death. He had a fantastic voice, one of the best rock voices of his generation, and aside from his musical talent, he had such an infectious enthusiasm for the business. Paul loved performing. (On the death of Paul M. Young)

Abacab, Genesis and Invisible Touch were for me a real pleasure to do. Each one was an adventure we faced without any preconceived ideas. It was, ‘Here we go, hope it works and let’s see which way it takes us’. And Phil’s voice had developed so much. He’d gone from being a drummer who sang to being a great singer.

After Peter Gabriel left we started to get into individual songs for a while. But Genesis has always worked best when we worked together on stuff that we liked. ‘Follow You Follow Me’ was a classic example of that and we started writing together again. I think if we hadn’t started writing songs like ‘Turn It On Again’ we would have started to lose our way.


He Attended Charter house School.

Also, he attended The Leas, a preparatory school in Hoylake


Michael Rutherford is an English guitarist, songwriter, and singer.



He wrote the lyrics to their second UK top ten single, Turn It On Again, two years later.

In 1985, he formed another successful project, Mike and the Mechanics.

Genesis had their greatest success with Invisible Touch, which featured five international hits, two with lyrics by Rutherford, Land of Confusion and Throwing It All Away in 1986

Moreover he created, with B.A. Robertson, the most critically acclaimed song of his career, The Living Years, which became a huge success for Mike and the Mechanics, earning an Ivor Novello Award and millions of plays on US radio in the year 1988.

In 2014, Rutherford released his autobiography, The Living Years.


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Angie Rutherford


Sons: Tom Rutherford & Harry Rutherford

Daughter: Kate Rutherford

Net Worth:

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