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Alistair Appleton Biography For His Fans And Lovers

Birth Year:-

Alistair Appleton was born in the year 1970

Date Of Birth:-

He was born on 12th of February

Birth Place:-

Tun bridge Wells in Kent in Country England


Peter Appleton is father and Sally Appleton is mother.

Grown Up Place:-

Alistair was brought up in  Lee-on-the-Solent, which is a small seaside district within the Borough of Gosport in Hampshire.



Romantic Life:-

Appleton Is a gay. In an article in Gay Times,he admits he only fully accepted his sexuality when he lived in Poland and Germany.


In the year of 1988, Alistair Appleton went to Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge where he studied for a degree in English Literature.

In 2014, he completed an MA in Advanced psychotherapy at the Minster Centre in London.

Now he practices as a psychotherapist in Brighton.


Alistair Appleton is a Television Presenter and his source of occupation is the same.

Other Jobs:-

He Writes Poetry, helped to edit children’s anthology.

Not only but also, he was a teacher at University of Gdansk.

Moreover, he taught English in eastern Germany and worked as a translator and journalist for Deutsche Welle television.

Appleton appeared in BBC America promotions for the fourth series of Cash in the Attic, but not acted in series in 2007.

Alistair Appleton Biography Turning Point:-

It was the time when Appleton broke into television with Deutsche Welle, became the front man of the channel’s youth current-affairs show Heat.


Graduated With 2.1 in English Literature.

He earned ten O-levels and three A-levels at St John’s College, Portsmouth.

In 1999, Appleton returned to the UK, where he got roles as follows

Sky’s Hot TV in the year 2000

Five’s House Doctor in the year 2000 to 2003

BBC Two’s Rhona in the year 2000

The Travel Channel’s Travel On in the year 2001

BBC One’s Garden Invaders in the year 2001

 Cash in the Attic in the year 2002 to 2005

BBC Food’s Stately Suppers in the year 2005 and had an appearance as himself on the 2006 Doctor Who episode Army of Ghosts.

He has also hosted several television specials and one of theme is The Proms

Acting Career:-

In the year of 2002, Appleton did a role in Footballers’ Wives

In 2005, he completed The Man Who Drank the Universe, a short documentary on the entheogenayahuasca, an ancient plant brew from the Amazon.

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Special Skills:-

Appleton speaks four languages: English, French, German and Brazilian Portuguese as well as a little Polish

Spiritual Connection:-

Since 2000, Appleton has pursued a serious interest in meditation.

He has trained himself mainly in the Buddhist tradition.

He has also drawn inspiration from outside the Buddhist world since 2004.

Moreover, he is working with ayahuasca at the Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Brazil.

Not only but also, Appleton is currently studying with the contemporary Vajrayana teacher, Reggie Ray.

Well Known Jobs and events for:-

Being well-known as one of the presenters for Escape to the Country on BBC television.

He has also been host of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment’s late night concert series The Night Shift at London’s South Bank.

He appeared on BBC One’s Celebrity Mastermind, where he came joint second with 21 points, with a specialist subject of 20th-century European classical music.

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Net- Worth Of Alistair Appleton

 His net worth is approximately $2.5 million

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