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Catherine Gee Biography, Marriage, Husband, Net worth, Telegraph, Family, Wiki

Catherine Gee was born on 1st July 1967 in England, United Kingdom. She is 55 years old as of 2022. She is married to her husband Derek Robertson. Also, she has a brother. In this article, We will discuss the famous celebrity Catherine Gee Biography related facts like her Family, Husband, Brother, children, Weight, Height, Shoe Size, Hair Color, Eyes Color, Life partner, Spouse, Net worth, Telegraph, Brother, Wedding, Lifestyle, Profession, Catherine Gee Clothing, Catherine Gee’s Wikipedia, Social Presence, Catherine Gee’s Charity Achievements, Catherine Gee role as Escape to the country presenters, etc.

Catherine Gee Biography Marriage Husband Net worth Telegraph Family Wiki
Catherine Gee Biography, Marriage, Husband, Net worth, Kids, Achievements, Telegraph, Family, Wiki [ Image Source: Wikimedia]

Catherine Gee Memoir In Detail :

Date of Birth:

Catherine Gee was born on July 1st, 1967.

Place of Birth:

She was born in the United Kingdom.


She is 55 years old as of 2022.

Zodiac Sign:

Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Maiden Name:

Her maiden name is Catherine Gee.

Nick Name:

Her nickname is Catherine.

Physical Measurements:


Her actual height details are not available.


Her weight is moderate.

Hair Color

Her hair color is blonde.

Eye Color

Her eye color is blue.

Shoe Size:

Her shoe size is not available.

She got very good physical measurements and she is in good shape.

Profession :

Catherine Gee is an English Television Presenter. she is also a property expert & magazine editor.

Besides, become the host of the popular Show 60 Minute Makeover in 2011. The Show was telecasted on ITV and is a makeover Show coming in the daytime.

Other Jobs:

Also, Catherine Gee is very popular with the BBC relocation Programme. The Programme is also known as Escape to the Country.

Catherine Gee is also a local presenter of a BBC Two Panel Game known as Through The Keyhole. Also, Catherine hosted a show produced by Country Living. The show is known as The Farmer Wants A Wife. The purpose is a matchmaking show. In the year 2007, Catherine Gee represented A Fantasy Home By The Sea.

Other Career Achievements:

Furthermore, Catherine also Worked as a personal Chef in the City & as an Estate Agent.

In the year 1999, she involved herself in the Country Living magazine’s first matchmaking campaign for farmers known as The Farmer Wants a Wife.

Before she was representing herself as an Assistant Editor in 1995. For Country Living, Catherine Gee also ran the Second Campaign.

Moreover, she had presented shows on ITV Network. The name of the shows are A Place by the Sea & No Place Like Home?

The Show was produced by Thames TV. It was later nominated for a BAFTA in 2002.


The name of her husband is Derek Robertson. He was the boss of Liverpool-based Charity Groundwork Merseyside (GM) in 2009.

Marriage/ Wedding:

Catherine married Derek Robertson in the year 2008.

Husband’s Profession:

Catherine Gee’s husband is Derek Robertson. He is the Chief Executive at the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

Husband’s Annual Income:

Besides, Catherine Gee Husband’s Derek Robertson’s annual income in 2012 is 10.4 million Euro.


Also, her films are as follows:

Escape to the Country [2002]
Through the keyhole [ 1987]
60-Minute Makeover [ 2004]

As an Actress:

Catherine Gee acted in the above three films. The films are Escape to the Country, Through the keyhole, and 60 Minute Makeover.

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Job Profile:

Catherine Gee’s husband Derek Robertson landed her job for 45k Euro. Her Job is at Charity. It was when Derek, became 70,000 annual Chief Executive.

Favorite Food

Not only-but also She is a Charity worker. And she is believing in never wasting food.

Moreover, she loves all kinds of food and doesn’t want food to get wasted.


Catherine Gee has two kids but their names are yet to be revealed by her.

Favorite vacation Destination:

Furthermore, Catherine Gee traveled the whole world. She believes in humanity and has compassion for human beings and animals.

And for her always the best vacation destination is the place where she can do some charity. She always helps poor needy people.

Catherine Gee Clothing & Favorite Outfits:

Besides Catherine Gee wearing jeans and a T-shirt. when she goes to an official meeting in a charity house, She was often seen wearing blazer suits.

Net worth:

Moreover, Catherine Gee’s Net worth is 45k Euro per Annum

Where Does Catherine Gee Live?

At present, she lives in Plumstead, South East London City of England.


And not only Catherine Gee likes to watch movies. She also likes to do workout whenever got time. Also, She likes to cook food sometimes.

Social Media Presence:

She has a Twitter account with more than 1300 followers. While no account of her is found on Instagram & Facebook.


She lives a simple life helping others. She loved helping the homeless. And also, do charity work. She as an employee is also a television presenter for the BBC relocation Programme.

Furthermore, she worked as an actress, she is simple yet charismatic. So, friends, this is the maximum about Catherine Gee’s Information.

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