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My One Night In Deep Siberian Jungle

” My one night in a deep Siberian Jungle ” is my story when I was 21 years old. I can’t forget those cold days when it was winter arrived in Russia and it was very cold outside, we rarely used to get out of the home and mostly stay in a house making ourselves warmer with artificial bonfire inside our houses.

Siberia Jungle
My One Night In A Deep Siberian Jungle

I was an art student and was living in Moscow. It was the time of November and we have an industrial visit from school in a company in Siberia territory.

We all friends were so excited to visit Siberia as we have heard so many stories from grannies about ghosts and witches in Siberian jungles.
We when leaving Moscow was all very excited but due to jaw chilling winter, we want to reach the guest house in Siberian outskirts as early as possible. We halted at some stations for food and rest and again we leave for our destination.
Total Seven buses are a boarding a maximum of 490 Students to industrial visit from School. We have a very supportive school staff with us. We move from one city to another having temperature in a minus degree outside. But all the preventive measures are taken very carefully in advance.
Now here the real story starts, when we reached the hotel accompanied by the School itself, it was around 7 in the evening with not a single living beings are seen outside. Roads are empty, the only police van is patrolling, rest all citizens are like have left the earth, so much peace was there at the hotel.

We have dinner around 8 pm in the night and we all are very sleepy due to the cold weather and tiresome bus journey. Our visit to the company was at 11:00 am in the morning the next day.

My One Night In A Deep Siberian Jungle
My One Night In A Deep Siberian Jungle
My One Night In A Deep Siberian Jungle

We had food at the hotel and my roommate was so adventurous about the next day’s visit. But now we are feeling sleepy and want to go to bed.

We talked about school in our room and then have decided to go to sleep. It was around 3;15 am at night. I got to hear some voice from the window near my bed and I woke up suddenly with sweat and a jittery body. At first thought, I thought maybe it was some jungle animals but the case was totally different.
I was very curious and tried friend to wake up but he fell deep asleep. Now I have gathered all the courage to move outside in teeth jittering cold with covered with jackets, mufflers, and boots . I was so afraid and curious at the same time.
Now as approaches towards the lane behind the hotel, it was a complete dark woods and I slowly moving towards inside got almost into the Siberian jungle where I saw one bonfire with some people sitting around drinking coffee like stuff. Now I just dared to go to them, they are all not surprised and asked me to join them.
They told me different stories about this jungles and warn me to go back to the hotel after having a cup of coffee, I was told that if they were not here, you may get lost, they considered lucky me to find them otherwise anything can happen there, one of them came with me to the hotel i.e I can reach the hotel with protection.
It was a very strange experience for me and next day I told all the stuff to the manager of the hotel, he was local and told me the people you met at night are Angels or Spirits who help people who lost in the jungle, but not all are helped by them, you were extremely lucky to rescued by them. After listening to the manager’s conversation I got afraid as well I was happy…
So friends, if you had any such experience in past please don’t forget to comment or write your own story…
 My one night in a deep Siberian Jungle 🙋💃👯✌