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Dream Meaning of Enemy: Enemy Dream Interpretations

Dream Meaning of Enemy: Nobody likes to make enemies. But greed, money, and conflicts of thoughts between two individuals often make them enemies of each other. While some enemies come naturally with success & some are born to feel jealous of others.

It is said, that once who is your best friend, will be the biggest enemy of yours!

But when they chase you in your dreams, it’s often stressful and irritating.

So let’s find out, what are some of the dream interpretation of enemy dream?

‌Enemy is a word, which represents many other strong emotions like hate, jealousy, envy and greed.
‌And, one of the most common thing, that the dream interpretations of brings out the same result for both genders.
‌When you see yourself talking with a enemy in your dreams, it means your enemy wants to have a conversation with you regarding the issues between you two. It indicates, you must clear your differences by having a talk.

‌When you see a fight with your enemy in dreams, it says that there are strong emotions of hate between both of you. It also indicates that your mind is looking for revenge from your enemy and you are plotting and planning against them.
‌When you are chasing your enemy and trying to kill him, it indicates that in waking life, you should make your self calm and cool, otherwise it will make your life worst and may end up you with lots of disasters.

When your enemy is chasing you, there is a deep fear inside you which is growing day by day. But you should not be afraid of the dreams, because it is only psychological, not real. And, still, if you think you have any threat in waking life, you should protect yourself in legal ways taking the police help, instead of getting deep in to fear.

When you kill enemy in your dream, it means you are feeling confident over your enemies, and somehow knows you are more powerful than them. This kind of dream clearly suggests, you know some of the weaknesses of your enemies, which are making you superior to them.

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When your enemy kills you in your dreams, suggests that you have lost faith in your self and are not confident enough to face real-life problems and enemies. But do remember, these are only dreams, you can develop your will power and single-handedly can counter any hard situations in life. You have to believe in yourself because the doors are always open. You have to find the doors and enter like a lion in the kingdom of success and fearlessness.

‌When your enemy envies you in your dreams, it shows that you have achieved something, that they are dying to achieve. They are jealous of your qualities. They want to be like you but they can’t. And, if you see, that you are the one, who envy your enemies, the same applies to you.

Wrap Up:

Every Dream comes from the subconscious mind. And, enemy dream is no different. Our only suggestion is to restrore faith in God and work hard. If you have enemies, go and talk with them and try to make the situation normal because it will harm both of you. Though some enmity reaches to the level of no compromise.

But still you must take a move to forget your enemies and convert them in to friends. Though not be best friends, but a normal one.

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