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Dream Meaning of Angels: Angels Dream Interpretations

We have listen so many stories about fairies, witches, angels, shreiks and other types of characters, which we often see in films. But do you know, what is the dream meaning of Angels or fairies?. Today we will explain and interpret this dream in details for both male and female.

Dream Meaning of Angels & Interpretations:

What is the meaning of Angel dreams, when it is seen by a man or a woman?

Angels are sent to us by Gods, for sending some message which can change our fortune or help us overcome some deep existing problems in life. So when a man or a women is seeing this dream, it means, God wants to help them and their prayer is been heard by God, but as your problem is not so big as per the creator, he had sended angels to you. In dreams, it clearly indicates, just keep faith in yourself and work hard, you will get success and solutions to your existing problems.

Do Angels in Dreams also suggest bad fortune?

No angels in dreams are a good omen and not by a slightest degree, this dream can be considered bad for any human

Do Angels can come in the form of animals & if yes, which animal most likey to be?

Angels sometimes comes in the form of animals in dreams, and when you see white horse, White dog, white pigeon, White Sparrow in your dream, than you must consider your self most lucky. As this dream suggest, a very good outcome for you in your life by any means or source.

What is the difference between Angels & Fairies?

Angels and fairies have a one big difference. Fairies can become both Angels and Witches. So when you see a fairy in a dream, than these dreams may confuse you. But at that time close your eyes for 30 seconds, and asks your innerself, you will get the answer, whether it is an angel or witch. The first answer which comes to your mind is the answer from your soul.

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Do Angels have feathers?

Angels not necessarily comes with feathers, it can come as a normal person or your dearest friend, who will tell you something, which you must listen carefully.

Do Angels Save us from enemies?

If you are dreaming of angels, and there is some hint provided to you in any form, which you must remember and follow to expose your enemies and stay beware of your enemies.

What are different types of Angels one can see in their dreams?

  • Angels
  • Archangels
  • Seraphim
  • Cherubim
  • Thrones
  • Dominions
  • Virtues
  • Powers or Authorities
  • Principalities or Rulers