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Oranges Advantages Disadvantages For Health & In Prevention Of Diseases

Every fruit had their own advantages and disadvantages. So today, we are going to discuss about the citrus fruit Orange. Moreover, we will discuss about the major health benefits of oranges for health. We all know oranges are full of vitamin C and other nutrients, and also considered by health professionals as major energy drink and immunity booster. Apart from that, what are other advantages, let’s see below.

Oranges Advantages Disadvantages For Health In Prevention Of Diseases
Oranges Advantages Disadvantages For Health In Prevention Of Diseases

Advantages Of Oranges

Benefits Of Oranges For Eyes

Oranges have very good levels of vitamin A, and other flavonoid antioxidants such as alpha and beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthine, ze-zathine, and lutein. These compounds have antioxidant properties. Vitamin A is also essential for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin and is essential for vision. Consuming natural fruits rich in flavonoids helps protect the body from lung and oral cavity cancers.

Diabetes & Benefits of Oranges

People who have diabetes are unable to absorb glucose because the beta-cells present in their pancreas either fail to produce insulin or the body’s cells are unable to respond to the insulin produced. Oranges are high in fiber and have a high glycemic index which makes it a good food option for diabetics. It is also worth noting that good oranges have a sweet taste, and since diabetics are not allowed to eat sweets or other sugary foods, they can eat oranges to encapsulate their taste buds.

Oranges Prevents hair loss

Oranges have a high vitamin C content that is necessary for the production of collagen, which, in turn, is responsible for keeping your hair tissue together. No one likes bald patches on their head, and eating oranges can ensure that you don’t have to part with your lovely hair as you grow older.

Oranges helps in increasing your immunity

If you an orange daily, it covers more than hundred percent of the body requirements of vitamin C . This important nutrient helps to improve your immunity, keeping you free from diseases and infections. Here are some more immune boosting foods.

Oranges works as blood purifier

Orange also acts as a good antiseptic, daily intake of it cleanses the blood and removes blood impurities. Gooseberry, beetroot are often added to orange juice here. Which is very helpful for purification of blood.

Soothing Respiratory Problems

Drinking honey mixed with orange gives comfort to the heart patients and it is helpful in keeping the respiratory system running smoothly.

Oranges & Hemorrhoids

Orange eliminates stomach ulcers and relieves hemorrhoids. For this, after eating food, drink a glass of orange juice. Hemorrhoids patients can also drink orange peel powder mixed with water.

Prevent & Cure Coughs and Cold

Vitamin C in oranges provides relief in colds . People believe that the effect of orange is cold, so it should not be eaten in cold and cough. But nothing like this happens. Rather, all fruits with orange or vitamin C provide relief in colds.

In Kidney Stones

Daily intake of oranges reduces the risk of kidney stones. That is why you include oranges in your diet daily. Drinking oranges in liquid form for stone will be more beneficial.

Oranges are good for Skin

As we get older, our skin as well as other parts of the body suffer from free radicals. This process is similar to corrosion of metals after exposure to air. Although it is unavoidable, oranges are full of antioxidants and vitamin C which slows down the process and makes you look younger than you are! Apart from oranges, you can eat these fruits and vegetables for glowing skin!

Oranges & Heart Disease Prevention

One of the reasons people have heart disease is that their arteries get blocked due to unhealthy lifestyle and consumption of junk food. Oranges contain flavonoids such as floperidin which reduces cholesterol and prevents your arteries from getting blocked. This, in turn, protects you from heart attacks and various other cardiovascular diseases. Alternatively, you can try these 8 natural cholesterol buster.

Oranges helps in brain development

The folate and folic acid present in oranges promote brain development and are important organs in the mint condition. In fact, these nutrients make oranges a healthy fruit for a pregnant woman as it later protects the child from neurological disorders.

Eating Oranges Prevents cancer

Getting cancer can be a difficult and painful experience for both the patient and the caregiver. Research has shown that a compound called D-limonene present in oranges can prevent various types of cancer such as lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer etc. In addition, antioxidants and vitamin C help boost the body’s immunity which helps fight cancer cells. Here are some food habits that keep cancer away.

Oranges Prevent Stomach Ulcers

Orange is an excellent source of fiber that helps keep your stomach and intestines healthy. A diet rich in fiber will ensure that you are not affected by diseases such as stomach ulcers and constipation.

Oranges Advantages Disadvantages For Health In Prevention Of Diseases
Oranges Advantages Disadvantages For Health In Prevention Of Diseases


Disadvantages of Oranges:

Stomach Upset

Eating oranges helps in digesting food, the consumption of oranges before eating helps in increasing the appetite, but intake of it in a big way has a direct effect on your digestive system. Actually, orange contains more fiber, more fiber affects your digestion. Due to this, problems like stomach pain and diarrhea can arise.

Increase Blood Sugar

Many people start their day with the consumption of orange juice, but it also has many disadvantages. Drinking more orange juice increases blood sugar level. In such a situation, orange juice should be consumed in small amounts to keep the blood sugar level balanced. 

Oranges increase Weight

Too much of consumption of oranges cause weight gain, intake of more orange juice can cause problem of weight gain. The carbohydrate present in oranges increases the load of glycemic index in our blood. Which increases your weight. Consuming more of this increases the amount of fiber, carbohydrate in the body and also causes more hunger. In such a situation, the result of increased hunger comes in the form of increased weight. 

Teeth Enamel Problems

Consuming too much orange is harmful for the teeth. Enamel protects teeth. But the acid present in the orange reacts with the calcium present in the enamel of the teeth. Due to which the teeth are affected by bacterial infection. Due to which, other problems start in our gums including teeth. 


Dear friends, we had discussed both advantages & disadvantages of eating oranges. Now it is very clear for this, everything in the nature should be in balance form. This is no exception for oranges. The same oranges which helps in one disease, if taken in large amounts become a disadvantage. So always understand your body first, as how it reacts to certain fruits and vegetables and avoid them or take them in balanced form.