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A Moral Story On Bad Habits: This Tale Will Remove All Your Bad Habits

In this article, we will be going to discuss about the moral story which helps you in removing bad habits from your life. According to a popular folk tale, a person known as Mark was very rich in olden times. He had no shortage of money. This is why his son got caught in bad habits. He used to torture girls, get intoxicated & was doing all bad things a man can do. Now Mark began to worry that his son would ruin everything.

Worried Mark went to the learned Father(POPE) and said that Father my son’s future seems to be desolate, please correct him. The Father said to send the boy to him.

The next day Mark sent the son to the Father. The Father was very intelligent. They took the boy to a garden. The Father asked the boy that this small plant, uproot it. The boy immediately uprooted the plant.


After this, the Father asked the boy to uproot the slightly larger plant. The boy exerted some strength and uprooted him as well. The boy did not understand why the Father was making him do this. The Father pointed to a big tree and said, now uproot it.

When the boy tried, he realized that it is impossible to uproot this tree. He told the Father, that I would not be able to do this work.

The Father told him that the same thing happens with our bad habits. You are not yet old, due to this, the roots of your bad habits are also weak. If you will uproot these habits now, you will leave your life successful, but if you do not leave these habits now, they will grow slowly and when their roots become strong, then it will be impossible to uproot them.

The boy understood the Father’s words and vowed to give up bad habits.

Story lessons Of Moral Story

The lesson of this story is that any bad habit should be given up in the beginning, otherwise it starts to grow slowly and will become so big that it can ruin your life.