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The Complete Psychology Behind Dreams : Why We See Dreams?

Let’s learn in this article, about the Complete Psychology Behind Dreams. Dreams come to everyone while they sleep. Most of the time we wake up and forget about the dream, but some dreams we never forget till the death. Remembering dreams is a rare phenomena. Some dreams are good and some are bad.

Complete Psychology Behind Dreams

Good dreams gives us a pleasant feeling , but bad dreams are very frightening. Sometimes due to bad dreams, we often wake up with fear, our heart is beating loudly,all sweating. We have a feeling at that time, why this scary dreams come to me?

When we see such type of scary and spooky dreams, we often don’t have control on ourselves. And also, when that dream is going on, it seems real, but upon waking up, on remembering it we laugh and get a relief, that thanks to God, it was just a dream. Complete Psychology Behind Dreams

When we go to sleep, sleep slowly takes us into its lap, we do not even know when we were engrossed in deep sleep. Actually there are certain stages of this process through which we sleep. According to experts, there are four stages of sleep.

Stage 1:

When we lie in bed to sleep, the first stage of sleep begins. In this state we are relatively awake and alert. The brain starts slowing down and comes to a state of relaxation.

This state is sleepy. At this time you may experience something strange like you are falling or someone is calling your name or you may feel a bit shocked.Complete Psychology Behind Dreams

Stage 2:

It is the time between awake state to sleep. In this state the temperature of the body decreases, what is happening around is not known, the breath and heartbeat become slow, regular and monotonous.

Stage 3:

In this state the muscles become relaxed, blood pressure decreases and breathing speed slows down. They rejoice in deep sleep. In this state, nothing remains outside or around. Many times you do not wake up even when you shake. People walking in sleep walk in this state.Complete Psychology Behind Dreams

Stage 4:

In this state the mind starts functioning while the body is in a state of relaxation. The eyes move fast. Breathing speed increases. Most of the dreams come at this stage. In this state the brain and other organs start functioning but muscles are relaxed and in a state of relaxation.

A cycle of sleep is completed by going through all these stages. There are four to five such cycles in an overnight sleep. A cycle takes about one and a half hours. This time is kept less and more


The dreams we have come to a state of REM. We are in the REM state three to four times while sleeping throughout the night. Initially the state of REM is short lived but in the later cycle its time increases and in the last cycle it can increase to about one hour.Complete Psychology Behind Dreams

The state of REM lasts longer in the last cycle. Hence, morning dreams are often remembered.

Complete Psychology Behind Dreams

According to experts, when we are in sleep, memories, thoughts, desires and feelings of the awakened state present in the brain together create dreams in the mind. Dreaming is a process occurring in the unconscionable mind.Complete Psychology Behind Dreams

We see only humans in dreams which we have seen at some time in our waking life. Our mind cannot create a new face in the dream.

According to experts, dreams are born out of the synergy of the parts that control our memory and thoughts. Dreams show us what we want to be in real life or to show our feelings. Or we have a fear that we are unable to express in our conscious state.

He has analyzed the working of complex dreams in the book “Meaning of dreams” by Sigmund Fred, a renowned professor of Psychology. According to him, our unconscious mind makes such pictures in which our personality is reflected. While analyzing dreams, he has focused more on the hidden desire and fear in the inner being. Another professor, Carl Jung, also holds a similar view.Complete Psychology Behind Dreams

People are very curious to know what the dream they saw means and whether it is any indication of a future event. It is difficult to analyze the phenomena or some things seen in the dream in an awakened state or relate them to reality. Hence, this situation creates confusion, fear and doubt.