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Common Dreams With Their Meanings: Common Dream Interpretation

We all human beings see dreams while we fell asleep. Dreams are often our thoughts which are shown to us by our subconscious mind. So what you do in the day time is often reflected through dreams. Things which we sometimes can’t do in waking life we often do them through dreams. So today we will talk about some of the Common Dreams With Their Meanings or you can say Common Dream Interpretation we often see daily.

1- Applying mascara to the eyes – physical pain
2- Seeing one’s own severed hands- Death of a close family
3- Seeing a dry garden – getting sufferings
4 – Watching fat bulls – grains will be cheaper
5- Watching slim bulls – grains will be expensive
6- Seeing wolf- Fear of enemy
7- Watching the death of a politician- problem in the country
8- Watching the mountains move- Outbreak of some disease
9 – Complete food – get news of happiness
10- Copper Watching – Secret Secrets Revealed
11- Sleeping on the bed – Gaining glory
12- Spitting – Getting into trouble
13- Seeing the green forest- Will get happiness
14- Seeing yourself flying – get rid of any trouble
15- Wearing a small shoe- quarrel with a woman
16- To have sex with a woman- Get money
17- To fight with someone- to be happy
18- To be killed in battle- Getting spiritual boost
19- Seeing the Moon breaking – any problem
20- Lunar eclipse- Disease
21- Watching Ant- studying in a problem
22- Watching the mill – Loss from enemies
23- Watching for broken teeth – Increase in problems
24- Seeing the open door- Befriend someone
25- Seeing closed door- Loss of money

Common Dreams With Their Meanings Common Dream Interpretation
Common Dreams With Their Meanings Common Dream Interpretation

Common Dreams With Their Meanings

26- Seeing the gap- attainment of wealth and fame
27- Seeing Smoke – Loss in Business
28- Earthquake watching- Child suffering
29- Watching Jug- Loss from bad company
30- Putting glasses – Increase knowledge
31- Burning of lamp – realization of new opportunities
32- Seeing electricity in the sky – Sustainability in business
33- Watching meat- Contingency money benefits
34- Watching farewell ceremony- Increase in wealth
35- Seeing broken shed – sum of the receipt of buried wealth
36- Watching the worship – End of problems
37- Watching the baby move – Obtaining stagnant money
38- Seeing the fruit kernels- The sum of quick money gains
39- Glove Visibility- Sudden Money Gain
40- Seeing pair of lions- compatibility in marital life
41- Seeing Female Crow- Achieving good health
42- Seeing white pigeon- Friendship with enemy
43- Watching cats fight- Fighting with a friend
44- Seeing white cat- Loss of money
45- Bee-watching – love friends
46- Mule appearing- Money related problem
47- Watching a weeping jackal- Fear of accident
48- Seeing Saint Cemetery – attainment of good luck
49- Appearance of cow dung – profit in animal trade
50- Bangle Visibility- Increased Luck

Common Dreams With Their Meanings

51- Burning match- Receipt of money
52- Sew or scratch the eye – gain money
53- Viewing dry jungle- Having trouble
54- Watching the dead- Illness away
55- Watching jewelery – Completion of a task
56- Eating berries – any problem is overcome
57- Gambling – Profit in Business
58- Lending money- Receiving excessive funds
59- Seeing the Moon- Getting Honor
60- Watching eagles – loss from enemies
61- Declaring oneself bankrupt- Business collapsed
62- Seeing the bird weeping- Destroying wealth and property
63- Watching rice- Ending enmity with someone
64- Seeing silver – gain money
65- Watching the swamp – Raising worries
66- Seeing Scissors- Feuding at home
67- Seeing betel nuts- Freedom from disease
68- Seeing Sticks – Increase Fame
69- Watching empty bullock carts- Loss
70- Seeing wheat ripened in the field – gain money
71- Eating fruit – gain money
72- Getting gold – Loss of money
73- To see a part of the body cut off – The sum of the death of a family
74- Seeing the crow – getting news of someone’s death
75- Smoke Viewing – Loss in Business

Common Dreams With Their Meanings Common Dream Interpretation 3
Common Dreams With Their Meanings Common Dream Interpretation

Common Dreams With Their Meanings

76- Putting glasses – Increase in knowledge
77- Earthquake watching- Child suffering
78- Eating Bread – Money Benefits and Luxurious Life
79- Watching a tree fall- Death from some disease
80- Drinking in the crematorium – early death
81- Seeing the cotton – the sum of being healthy
82- Dog Seeing – Meeting Old Friend
83- Seeing white flowers- Get rid of any problem
84- Owl sighting – Loss of money
85- White snake bite – Get money
86- Seeing red flowers- Shining fortune
87- Drinking river water- Profit from government
88- Putting the bow on the bow – Increase in fame and promotion
89- Seeing coal – getting caught in futile controversy
90- Putting bed on the ground – increase longevity and happiness
91- Making home – getting fame
92- Watching the horse- To overcome the crisis
93- Grassland viewing- Sum of money gains
94- Putting a nail in the wall- Benefit from an elderly person
95- Seeing the wall- increasing the respect
96- Watching the market- Removing poverty
97- Calling the dead person – getting misery and sorrow
98- Talking to the dead person- Willingness to be desired
99- Seeing pearl – daughter attainment
100- To see a fox- To cheat someone close


101- Pomegranate sighting – Wealth attainment
102- Displaying Rich Money- Sudden Money Gain
103- Eating dry food – increasing the problem
104- Seeing the meaning- get rid of disease
105- Seeing the waterfall- End of sorrows
106- Lightning – Getting into trouble
107- Seeing Bed sheet – Sum of Infamy
108- Watching the burning lamp- Increase in age
109- Incense Watch- Promotion and Benefits
110- Seeing gems – expenses and sorrows.
111- Check writing – inheritance money
112- Seeing water in wells – Money gains
113- Watching the sky – Receiving the son
114- Seeing weapons- Lost money
115- Rainbow Watching – Best Health
116- Viewing cemeteries – Reputation in society

Common Dreams With Their Meanings Common Dream Interpretation
Common Dreams With Their Meanings Common Dream Interpretation

Common Dreams With Their Meanings

117- Watching lotus flower- Get rid of disease
118- Seeing beautiful woman – Success in love
119- Bangle Watching – Good Luck
120- Seeing wells – increasing respect
121- Visiting Pope in Church – getting success
122- Watching dung – Profit in animal trade
123- Visiting the Goddess – free from disease
124- to appear whip- to quarrel
125- Appearance of New Clothes – attainment of good luck


126- Appearance of a knife – freedom from crisis
127- Child appearing- growth of children
128- Watching the flood- Loss in business
129- Seeing trap- Loss in lawsuit
130- Pocket cutting – loss in business
131- Watching sandalwood- Getting good news
132- Watching Monk- Beginning of good times
133- Seeing one’s own mother- Receiving respect
134- Seeing the flowers- Get Child or get pregnant
135- Watching the firefly – beginning of bad times
136- locust party sighting – loss in business
137- Post office viewing – Business advancement.
138- Seeing doctor- Health related problem
139- Drum sighting- fear of an accident
140- Snake sighting – Money gains
141- Appearing ascetic- Donating
142- Watching while paying – Death of an elder in the family
143- Seeing the postman – meeting a distant relative
144- Slap – Victory over enemy
145- Watching while celebrating – Mourning
146- Exotic food sighting- Money arrival
147- Map view- Success in a plan
148- Seeing salt- Health benefits
149- Court-court viewing- Controversy
150- Watching the trail- solving problems

In this article, we had discussed some of the most common dream meanings we see on daily basis. Also, this dream may interprets different to people in different situations sometimes. But most of the times this dreams gives us the direction or want to say something to us through our subconscious mind. we hope you had liked the article. So don’t forget to comment and share this article to your friends and family..