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Tonsils Definition Symptoms Cure Remedies Tonic Recipe

Tonsils are already present in our body, it is contiguous with the back part of our tongue. It is found in our throat, where the nose hole and the mouth hole are found, exactly where it is attached to the back of the tongue. In the normal state, tonsils do not cause any problem. But if the habitat gets infected due to any reason or it becomes swollen, then it hurts a lot. Due to pain, sometimes there is a lot of difficulty in eating food and opening the mouth.

Symptoms of tonsils

  • A sore throat
  • Severe pain in the throat.
  • There is also pain in the lower ear.
  • There is also fever due to pain.
  • Weakness starts in the body.
  • Due to tonsils
  • Due to cold weather.
  • By consuming cold cheese.
  • Due to some kind of virus or bacteria infection in our throat.
  • By eating ice cream or drinking cold soft drinks.
  • Tonsil also starts due to the common cold.
Tonsils Definition Symptoms Cure Remedies Tonic
Tonic Definition Symptoms Cure Remedies Tonic

Tonic Recipe For Curing Tonsils

Take a glass of hot water.
Cut a lemon in it and squeeze the juice from half of it in hot water.
Then mix 2 to 3 teaspoons of honey in that hot water.
Consume that solution three (3) times a day for a week.
Carrot – Carrots have gradients named Karot, due to which the carrot color is red. These gradients found in carrots are antitoxicant. Consumption of carrots can prevent throat infection. Which also prevents tonsils.

Milk, turmeric (milk, turmeric and papper mint powder) – Drinking a mixture of turmeric , reduces fever sore throat and swelling. For this reason, this mixture is used when there is tonsils. Because the tonsil causes fever and swelling.
Take hot milk in a glass.
Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and half a teaspoon of BLACK PEPPER powder in that milk. [ TONIC]
Drink that milk every night before sleeping at night
Lemon and honey- Taking salt mixed with lemon and honey reduces swelling of the throat as well as reduces sore throat.

Make juice of 2 to 3 carrots and drink it thrice daily.
Beet juice – toxic agents are also found in beet. Which prevents infection from virus and bacteria.

Beet can also be used by making juice.
Gargil with luke warm water – Waking up every morning in the morning and mixing a spoonful of salt in a glass of lukewarm water, Gargil also reduces the swelling of tonsil.

What to avoid if you have Tonsils?

If you have had tonsil, it becomes very important to take special care of some things, such as-

  • Do not consume yogurt, cream milk etc.
  • Spicy food, avoid eating fried things.
  • If you have trouble with tonsil, it would be better if you do not smoke.
  • You should try to avoid consuming any kind of cold things.

Though the tonsil is not a fatal disease, but it is quite annoying. This disease is caused by iodine deficiency in food. There is swelling on both sides of the throat when there is tonsils. In the beginning, pain is felt inside the mouth on both sides of the throat and recurrent fever. The tonsils become redder than normal and the patient starts having difficulty in eating and drinking. But its treatment has been given in Ayurveda.


Tonsil pain causes a lot of discomfort to the patient, as well as symptoms like nervousness, pain, inability to speak, not being able to eat properly. Other types of problems also arise in the body due to tonsils.
Smell of the mouth – The tonsil gland is filled with cracks where bacteria and dead cells get stuck and they cause stench from the mouth.

Snoring problem – You may have snoring problem due to increased tonsils in the throat. Due to repeated infections, the size of the tonsils starts to increase, then the flow of air in the throat becomes obstructed.

Sinus infection – Increased tonsils can cause sinus and ear infections. This is caused by the closure of the tube connecting the nose and ear. Water accumulates behind the curtain of the ear.

Headache problem – Difficulty in breathing while sleeping due to enlarged tonsils. The brain does not get the right amount of oxygen and lack of it increases the size of blood vessels and causes headaches.

Tonsils Definition Symptoms Cure Remedies Tonic
Tonic Definition Symptoms Cure Remedies Tonic

What are some home remedies to cure Tonsils?

  • Finely grind garlic in hot water and mix with this water continuously for a few days will cure tonsil disease.
  • Drinking Cherry Plum powder with sugarcane juice cures throat pain and tonsils quickly.
  • There is an abundance of iodine in water chestnut. Therefore, eating water chestnut regularly provides benefits to the throat and freedom from tonsils.
  • Regular drinking carrot juice ends throat pain and tonsils.
  • Boiling tea leaves in water and gargling them also cures tonsil disease.
  • To remove throat pain, swelling and tonsil, gargle with salt in warm water.
  • After consuming pineapple, tonsils are finished within a few days.
  • Tonsils are cured by keeping alum and salt in hot water and gargling.
  • Avoid these things during treatment
  • Take care of cleanliness. Clean your hands thoroughly after meals and first.
  • Stay away from people suffering from colds and coughs.
  • Cold drinks, sodas and other cold drinks cause throat infections, stay away from them.
  • Stay away from smoking and alcohol altogether.