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Top 10 Cleanest City In The World

We human beings in the past had done many discoveries , and now also we are on the path of invention of new technologies but we had fogeted that in the process of invention and development , nature and air pollution had increased tremendously. But there are few cities in the world, who haven’t forget the basics of nature and kept the air clean and nature healthy for living beings. So let’s discuss about the Top 10 Cleanest City In The World

Top 10 Cleanest City List Below

Reykjavik, Iceland : Top 10 Cleanest City 1

The air quality of Reykjavik is 87.50. That is, close to purity Pollution is not exactly the same in a Reykjavik in the world’s cleanest cities.To save themselves from the cold winds of the Arctic, people here use more of non-conventional energy sources such as geothermal energy. From this, the system runs 90% of the electricity and heat.

Zurich, Switzerland -2

Zurich, the first choice of newly married couples, is also good for your lungs. This city is also one of the least polluted cities in the world. In this city of nearly 4 lakh people, eco-friendly public transport system, fast growing law of just cycling, more work on renewable energy keeps it pollution free.

Helsinki, Finland -3

One of the most clean air spots in the world. Pollution is the lowest here in the whole world. It is considered the most suitable for cycling of the world.One of the biggest reason is that In Helsinki, people use bicycles instead of four wheels. Helsinki city has about 3868 km of bicycle lane. The number of cars is going to reduce.

Wellington, New Zealand -4

In the list of the world’s most clean windy cities and capital of NewZealand is included. There is no pollution here too. People here are considered to be the most healthy in the world.The city’s low population and natural habitats growing help keep it clean. Local people do not hesitate to clean their surroundings. Where the dirt looks, they clears it immediately.


Hamburg, Germany -5

In the case of green energy, Germany is considered to be the world’s leading country. Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. Hamburg is engaged in reducing 80% of all harmful emissions medium by 2050.A green network is being created in the city, so people will not have to use cars in Hamburg. This will reduce the CO2 emissions significantly.

Copenhagen, Denmark -6

Copenhagen is considered to be the most environmentally friendly city in the world. It is also counted among the world’s best green economy cities.
Copenhagen has cleaned the entire city’s water by working in sewage treatment. Here,held the international meetings to keep the environment clean in the whole world.

Chicago, USA : Top 10 Cleanest City -7

America’s third largest city Chicago is famous for cleaning and eco-friendly behavior in the world. In Chicago, 20 million square feet of plantation is done only on the roofs of the city. The Rooftop Garden is the highest place here. People use most of public transport.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg -8

This is called Europe’s Green Heart. Famous for its historic forts and lush green forests all over the world.There is strict punishment for cutting trees and forests here. People themselves bicycles for public transport.


Whitehorse, Canada -9

The world’s least polluting city is in Canada only. Victoria, Ottawa, Vancouver, Mississauga etc. But even among these, white horse is the least polluted. This city is expert in garbage management. Their campaign – To Good To West has brought a great reduction in the garbage. Garbage is cleaned from compost and recyclable units.

Honolulu, Hawaii – 10

The cleanest air in America is from this city. The American Lung Association also certifies this fact. The particles polluting the air with light-humid rainfall during the year go into the ocean. People here live a healthy lifestyle. People in Hawaii come down with heart attacks.

Top 10 Cleanest City : Let’s take An Oath

So friends,we had discussed about the Top 10 Cleanest City In The World , and we hope reading this article , you will take a firm step to keep your city and country clean . so that we as human beings save our earth from polluting and keep the air and water clean.