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How To Prevent Our Body From Heat Stroke? Tips For Heat Stroke

In this article, we will discuss about the Tips For Heat Stroke. Human body temperature should be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit in normal state. When a human’s temperature starts going upwards, it is called a fever. When heat stroke occurs, the temperature of the human body starts rising, it is not easily reduced.

If the temperature of a person’s body goes up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then the temperature should be reduced by domestic treatment, but if the temperature is not getting less , then patient must get medical help.

If human temperatures go up to 102-103fahrenheit then dangerous situation arises. At this temperature, the person starts talking unrestrained, his mind can get disturbed, and many of his organs can get damaged.

In the heat stroke, if the patient’s temperature is not reduced then the temperature of the patient’s body goes up, which can cause anything to the patient, even death.


Heat stroke is caused by high temperature or extreme heat / temperature. But there are many more causes of heat stroke.

Dehydration, imbalance in thyroid, loss of blood glucose in the body (this occurs in diabetic patients)

Due to the consumption of alcohol, hypertension or medicines used in the treatment of depression, heat stroke occurs.

Symptoms of heat stroke

You have a high fever.

Your blood pressure suddenly started decreasing

If you start dizziness, or look like vomit, by working in hot summer days or in bright sunlight.


Measures to Avoid It

Avoid getting out in the high sunlight. If it is necessary to get out in a strong sunlight, wear an umbrella or wear a hat while leaving. If possible, apply sunglasses to the eye.

Many people drink tea instead of drinking water – which is absolutely wrong. In the days of frost, where tea and coffee are beneficial, it is harmful for them during the summer.

Instead of tea and coffee, drink juice of juice or drink sugarcane juice. Drinking coconut water also brings great benefits in summer days and prevents heat from stroke.

Raw mango juice is considered very effective in reducing the temperature of the human body. Raw mango’s anus is very helpful in restoring electrolyte in your body.

Electrolyte salt – is a mixture of water and many minerals, which becomes very low in your body in the state of dehydration.

With the reduction of mineral and salt water, you start feeling very weak and your body and muscles become painful and weak.

Due to excessive sweating, due to drinking less water, due to excess urine immersion or due to frequent stool withdrawal, your body decreases electrolyte deficiency.

If it is not reversed, then anything can happen; The person’s death can also happen.

Put some salt and sugar (sugar) in the ordinary water and squeeze the lemon and keep the patient in the mixture.

By doing so, the patient comes out of dehydration and does not endanger his life.

The water of lemon also brings out the heat of the body and transports it to frost.

Curd is available in almost every home. If there is no curd in your house then you will get curd in any dairy shop.

Make buttermilk and mix some salt in it and give it to the patient. It gives a lot of benefits to the patient and also gives strength to it. It is one of the most successful natural home remedies for treating heat stroke.

This are some of the home remedies to prevent one self from heat stroke and when you know you have the signs and symptoms of heat stroke, please consult your doctor first, than do these home remedies which are mentioned above. So this are the Tips For Heat Stroke.