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Top Five Most Used Browsers In The World

In this world of Internet, usage of media and surfing is increasing at an infinite rate, so in this blog we will discuss about Top five most used browsers in the world.

Google Chrome

Whether it’s mobile or laptop, most users prefer Google Chrome browser only. People trust more on the Chrome browser than other internet browsers.

So far the Chrome browser has been downloaded 1.4 billion times on Android phones. Despite this, it is rated 4.3 rating. From which we can estimate how well this browser is.

Chrome Browser is the best Android Browser for most users. But one of the biggest drawbacks is that you can not add extensions to it.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for privacy and security. Most users use the Mozilla Firefox browser by leaving Google Chrome and Opera browsers for privacy.

If you are like a person who decides how to display tabs in your browser, how everything should be colored and if you need more convenience then the Firefox browser is for you.

Opera Browser

The data saver feature of Opera browser distinguishes it from the rebel browser. If you want to save your internet data, then this browser is for you.

Opera browser is one of the fastest internet browsers. It provides free VPN but it has a problem, its interface is harder than the rebel browser.

Microsoft Edge

This is Microsoft’s official Internet browser. It is the best browser for Windows computers, its mobile version also provides better service.

This browser also offers service such as ad blocker, translation service, password manager and news guard. It also has 4.3 rating like the Chrome browser on the Google Play Store.



DuckDuckGo is the best search engine in terms of privacy. But it does not have all kinds of services and products like its rivals. But its Android Browser is awesome.

Its Android Browser has given users the highest rating on Google Play Store. Even after downloading more than 5 million times, its rating is 4.7, which is a lot more.


It is not the internet speed which is more valuable to users of internet but the user friendly browser they are using is of utmost preference. So in this blog we had dicussed about Top Five Most Used Browsers In the World . We hope you liked the information