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Pro Makeup Tips For Oily Skin: Best Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

  • We all wants our skin in best form in any season, and when it comes to oily skin we are more careful about the makeup foundation. So in this article , we will discuss about some Pro Makeup Tips for oily skin.
  • Wash and scrub the face This is the first and important step to make makeup. Wash your face, then clean it with the clinger and then scrub it.
  • Prepare the skin Clean your face with alcohol-free toner before applying make-up. Apply it only after 5 minutes after cleansing the face with the cleanser. It absorbs oil and does not harm the skin.
  • Put a good moisturizer for good quality. Apply good moisturizer to maintain your skin. By applying this, make-up remains long and the look also looks good. Always use oil free or water base moisturizer.
  • choose the oil free foundation of good quality for your face. It completely covers the hair follicles of the skin and also looks well on the face. For good results, mix it with some moisturizer and with the help of fingers or brush on the face.


  • Translucent powder should be applied after installing the translucent powder foundation. Apply it after 10 minutes after installing the Foundation and focus on highlighting cheeks, forehead and nose. Translucent powder should always be light color.
  • Buy a Concealer that matches your skin tone. It can hide it by putting it on the stains of the face. You can use the brush or fingers to apply it.
  • Always keep an oil blouting sheet with you. With this you can comfortably absorb the frozen oil on face. It will be easily available on any medical shop.


We have presented the best of Pro Makeup Tips for oily skin. Our experts have a vast knowledge about the skin complexion and it cores. So if you want to know more about your skin type , we will provide the details as useful as it can for you readers.