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Fennel Seeds benefits For Health: How To Eat Fennel Seeds?

There are numerous benefits of fennel seeds for health. But when we eat fennel seeds with different combination it aids in various ailments. And there are various home remedies our forefathers discovered with the use of fennel seeds. So let’s discuss various ways of consumption and its role in various disease.

Benefits Of Fennel Seeds In the treatment of cancer

Cancer also has an important role in reducing the risk of dangerous disease like cancer. In fact, fennel is helpful in the removal of toxins produced from the colon. Apart from this, an excellent anti-cancer anti-inflammatory phytonutrient is also found in anthole in fennel.

Moreover, Benefits Of Fennel Seeds For the heart

Fennel can also be used to get rid of heart problems. There is also a good source of fennel, potassium, fiber, vitamin C and antioxidant. Helps us deal with all the problems of heart and high blood pressure.

Benefits Of Fennel Seeds as mouth freshener

Also, fennel seeds have fragrance inside it. As it is fragrant, there are also microbial fighters. The anti-inflammatory properties found in this also help reduce the pain of gums. Apart from chewing on the aromatic seeds of fennel, you can also cool the tea made from it and rinse it.

During Periods

Emmenagoge and phytostrogens found in fennel are found in regularizing and eliminating the causes of obstruction of periods. This element is useful in the problems of breast enlargement, pre-menstrual syndrome and rheumatism etc.

For Eyes

Moreover, one of the advantages of fennel is also for one’s eyes. From the findings from many researches, it has been found that it can be helpful in treating cataract and burning in the eyes.

In the form of tea

Also, due to deaforal properties found in fennel, it stimulates sweating and removes toxicity. Apart from this, as a diuretic, it reduces all the problems of headache and risks. For this, you just have to drink anise tea.


In respiratory problems

Furthermore, fennel seeds can be used in treating respiratory problems such as flu, colds, sinuses and cough diseases. For this, you add two teaspoons of fennel in one cup of water, boil until the water is half. After this filter, after cooling it rinse with its help.

For the brain

Moreover the abundant amount of potassium present in fennel establishes it as a great brain booster. It also stimulates cognitive performance and brain function. Fennel can also be helpful in increasing the supply of oxygen in the brain by straining it.

For digestion power

For digestive power, fennel is like a surefire treatment. Fennel seeds contain elements that cure many stomach problems. Moreover it has the ability to overcome problems of stomach, stomach bloating, indigestion, gas, constipation, swelling etc. Also, its also easy to consume it. After the meal, a small spoon of fennel seeds is sewn in the mouth.

To lose weight

Also, many people are troubled by the problem of obesity today. The easiest way to get rid of obesity is to consume fennel. In fact, the seed of fennel acts as a natural fat nutrient. It stimulates metabolism in our body and promotes digestion of fat.