Xrp On Skype – Latest Ripple News And Achievements


According to The Business Times, Miltenburg said,

“The demand here is significant, so it’s an easy decision for us to continue to invest in this market and make sure that we can… also seek out new customers, new partners and new ways that we can work with the market.”

David Olliver shared his thought regarding coordinating XRP on Skype on March 20, 2019, which caught the eye of Petr, the network Manager of Skype, who answered:

“Hi. Thanks for sharing this Idea! Cryptocurrency micropayments sounds really cool right 🙂 Like any other leading technology company Microsoft is already testing blockchain.
Although I don’t have any information about cryptocurrency adoption for Skype or any other MS product, please keep continue supporting this Idea. I will share it with our teams 🙂
Note: I’ve edited the title of this Idea little bit so it fits to cryptocurrencies generally ;)”

Meanwhile, Ripple (by way of Xpring) is a new backer for Leshner’s work. “I’m an open finance maximalist,” Leshner said.

“Robot Ventures is unique, given Robert is a DeFi founder himself,” said Ethan Beard, SVP of Xpring. “He’s a valuable resource for new founders seeking to make an impact on and improve financial services through crypto. We’re excited to work with Robert and support the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Leshner further said:

“It just tees up those relationships much more quickly.”


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