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What Makes Ripple Different From Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency?: David Schwartz Explained

Do you know what makes Ripple Xrp different from others, it was wonderfully explained by Ripple CTO – David Schwartz and also Ripple becomes the member of the IATBA and CEO had said very something interesting on this memership.

CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse said:

“It’s an honor and really a privilege for us to be one of the founding members of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications. This really is a pivotal time for the distributed ledger technology industry. It’s critical that as an industry we come together and engage with regulators and governments globally. The work we are seeing with the European Commission is pivotal and can be leading in this effort. We’re thrilled to be involved and look forward to being a leading participant.”

In a recent Quora post, Schwartz talked about the use-cases of XRP that he was most excited about. He Said:

“Obviously, I’m most excited about cross-currency payments. But that’s far from the only thing XRP can be used for.”

Schwartz further spoke about the XRP Ledger and the add-ons he had integrated into the ledger. The CTO said,

“XRP is an independent digital asset,” Schwartz riffed, before delivering another favorite one liner: “The XRP Ledger is open source technology with a robust community of developers, so if Ripple were to vanish, XRP and the XRP Ledger will remain.”

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“Personally, I’m very excited about the prospect of seeing some of the specific features that Arthur and I built into the XRP Ledger seeing real use. Not only does the XRP Ledger have a decentralized exchanged with order books and automatic pathfinding for complex payments, it has peer-to-peer community credit features as well.”

“They [Creators] just specify in the content where they want to receive payment and Coil, or any other web monetization provider using ILP, can pay them.”

What Makes Ripple Xrp Different From Other Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency?: David Schwartz Explained