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Dream Meaning Of Rain- What Is The Dream Interpretation Of Rain

Every dream suggests things you see or feel during waking period. So what is the dream meaning of rain. Rain had various meanings in different cultures. But there is some unique meaning of dreams which is universal all over the world. Let’s know different meaning of rain dream and its interpretation.

Dream Meaning Of Rain

Rain in our dream often suggests that you have tremendous energy within yourself. It indirectly also suggests you have energy which is not focused , it is divided like water in the form of shower.

Most Importantly, rain suggests if you want something in life and becomes focused on that thing or destination , you will easily achieve it.

Also, if you see someone who is enjoying rain suggests some person or thing does not wants you to move forward in life. He or she may be diverting your energy in directions which are not important in your life.

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If you see yourself getting wet in rain means you will see golden opportunity in life and you will grab it successfully.

Moreover, if you sees an animal whether dog, cat, or any birds under rain it means it is your spirit animal wanted you to guide you in right direction of life.

In some cultures, also dream of rain suggests you will get a lottery or earn through short cut ideas. So these are some dream meaning of rain.