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What Is Enlightenment? How To Get Enlighten With God

Englightment or being the one who creates this world is not so hard. Just when you go to bed at night chant the name of God or deep think about the planets and universe.

Everything in this world is made of five elements so are we. There is one power of electricity which is connected with our body which makes us to live.

The creator of the universe had given us thinking power or brain which when we focus can connects with him. But for that you must forget all the worldly leisures and comforts and thoughts.

When we breathe ,look at it and try to understand it is the cord which gives oxygen to our blood and make us live and feel him. Do it is not englightment.

Also, when we sleep we see different types of dreams, from where it came and why we see such particular types of dreams. Ask this to yourself.

We all need air, water, food to live. All human beings have same body functions. We though have divided earth in to boundaries as countries and continents. But do you think earth is divided. Nope the whole earth is single and so are we.

Englightment ?

Sun rises and gives our earth light and life. Have you ever thought of this ,Why same thing happens everyday. Why ?

The what Is Enlightment How To Get Enlighten Yourself happens when a child is born from a mother’s womb. Also, it happens when you do intercourse.

Every body on earth is living for happiness and finding happiness in one or the other thing. The purpose of life is happiness. God had send us on earth to stay happy. And when we do that, Creator becomes more happy.

All we can know some power is there who is running this universe. But have you ever sense that , why we breathe, why we excrete, why we eat and why sleep or drink?

The answer is simple he wants us to live and he is there for everybody. But in life we get depressed for many reasons and as humans we have limited control on our selves. We can’t bear the loss of our loved ones. Or we do not want suffering in life. But everything is scheduled as per Creator of the Universe.

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Now you will say where is what Is what Is Enlightment How To Get Enlighten Yourself How To Get Enlighten Yourself. Enlightment is not going to happen , it is already there within you ,but you forget to feel it. This life is going on and on and we never look where we are going at the end.

Understand the basics of nature, look at trees , stars, oceans, mountains, birds ,animals. What do you see in them. All are natural and their system is unique.

Live in present moment now here ,wherever you are rightnow it is your enlightment, because you’re breathing right now. Do you know at what point your life will stop? No you don’t know. If you don’t know that means some power is giving you life and that power is enlightning you.

God will not come to you or some kind of special power you will receive ,it is already there within you, find it now. Having some kind of power is not englightment but it is a gift by Creator which we can develop within ourselves.

But when you look at the process of developing that power closely and you thanks him for that ,it is called englightment.

you may be living in lack of food in very poor countries or you may be living right now in a fort with worlds best luxuries and comforts.

Both is creators gift to mankind ,it is just an understanding. If you deeply ask him for any of the above two, he will respond with answers or signals but again you have to believe in that. When you believe you enlighten yourself.

Wherever you are in whatever conditon you are , sick ,in severe pain , suffering with disease that can’t be cured or living in best of healths. Thanks Creator of the Universe because this life is a gift from him to get enlighten our soul during the chapters of sorrows and joy in a book of life.

The moment you feel deeply the surroundings and look at the things and happenings closely, you will get enlighten and you are getting englighten already but you are not aware of this….