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Uses Of Internet In Student Life: Benefits Of Internet To Students In Academics

Technology is moving very fast day by day. And students are more aware of it than anyone else. Time was gone, when you got struck in a problem and have to wait for days to get solved. This is internet era and everybody is using it. Internet is not only cheap than ever before but also,it’s just there for you at the tap of fingers on your Mobile screen. When it comes to academics, uses of internet in student life had changed drastically in last 5 to 6 years.

There are various subjects like Science, mathematics, Social Studies, English, French ,etc. and it covers a vast knowledge of all the inventions and historic events of whatever happened on earth from the evolution of human race. Our sole objective for students is to understand them , so that tomorrow when they become adult , they present themselves to World as an educated citizen. Furthermore which makes our earth a better place.

For Nursery Students

Visual Impact of educational Internet videos on students takes place right from the class nursery. If we want to learn kids or understand a story , we have lots of animated video on the internet as per the syllabus . Nursery Kids have blank mind, so what they see will immediately stored in their mind. And will stay for a much longer time. Thus increasing the understanding power of nursery kids with practical videos.

Now let’s understand the importance or Uses of internet in student life during Academics

1- Uses of internet in student life who Can’t afford costly tuition fees

As i had said before, internet was way more cheap than ever before. Students who can’t pay for hefty tuition fees to teachers or professors have the ocean of knowledge related to their subjects available on internet in the form of YouTube videos, web pages and articles.

Nowadays, they no more have to depend on tuition, as 99 percent of the knowledge and source related to their subject is already available on Web.

2 -Uses of Internet in Student life who are in research field

From Physics formulas for gravity to any mathematical theorem , you will get everything on internet. If you want to become a scientist, a chemist, an engineer, doctor, surgeon or mathematician is just a tap away from your mobile screen. You can not only enhance your knowledge but with regular studies can beat the students in ranks in academics who are dependent on tuition or need help of professors. Lots of bucket full of knowledge is already available for you.

3- For Students Who wants to learn new languages

Are you a Russian, and going to further studies to United Kingdom or want to become a translator for higher authority officials or Countrymen but don’t know the language required. What will you do?. Don’t worry every bit of knowledge is present on net. Now you can have access to Online tutorial class for every language you want to learn. You can learn French to Chinese by seeing YouTube Videos or can google them.

4- For Students Who Wants to learn Drawing Or Arts

You like to make paintings or always have a dream to excel as best student in this field or either you want to become a world renown painter or a famous cartoonist. Surf the web and learn the skills necessary to become one of them. It will not happen in a day, learn from internet and do practice regularly. And live the dream, it will happen one day.

5- For Students who are Interested In Any Kinds of Sports

You represents your school as the best Goal keeper in your country or State. Now you wants to represent your country on international level. See the movements of strategies of best Goal keeper in history on videos available on the internet. Seeing videos is not enough, you have to practice those strategies on ground consistently. Sooner or later, you will see yourself performing those steps and moves. This is not only reference for only Goal keeping, but it is for every kind of sports. So this is one of the best uses Of Internet In Student Life

6- For Students Who wants to become a Marketing Expert Or Entrepreneur

You wants to become an entrepreneur or currently studying MBA or PGDBM, for that you must have good marketing skills because everything is in this world runs on the word ” SALE”. Being an entrepreneur, you must know how to sell your products to others. You must know marketing strategies related to demographics, age, weather conditions and market awareness. All this things if you do deep research from your student life On internet , goal is not far than.

7- For Students who wants to Open a Security or Detective Agency

In student life you loves the fictional character of James Bond & Sherlock Holmes Movies. Now you have a deep desire to follow their foot steps and wants to open your own agency and loves to spy on people or wants to serve your country as an agent. Lots of content is available on internet regarding the same. So why to wait just learn new detective skills or spying skills and make your dream comes true.

8- For Students Who are learning Fashion Designing

Wants to next bigger fashion designer like Giorgio Armani , to become a fashion designer like him is not a small dream at all. You have to not only work hard but also you have to think smarter and use the tools available online. You will learn lots of fashion designing skills and tactics on internet.

9- For Students who wants to become a make up artist

Are you learning in school makeup tips, but you are not quite satisfied with that. So for an extra edge, you must go online using various channels already available on YouTube. I can give you guarantee, that you will learn lots of make tips , which will be appreciated by your fellow students and teachers at school.

10 -For Students Who Wants to become a well known Director in Films

You want be next Christopher Nolan who directed all time famous IMDb rating science-fiction movies Inception Interstellar , or you admire his way of direction or story telling. There are videos in 1000 numbers showing movie making. How to hold the camera, when to told action and say cut. You are in school already learning those skills but you will definitely gonna learn extra on Internet. Everything is available just you must have the passion to learn them and implement in your academics.

11- For Students Who Want To Join ARMY , NAVY, AIR-FORCE

If you want to serve your country across borders and during natural calamities, there are various tips on internet. On Internet How to become an army men, or Joined navy Or air-force . To serve oneself for the country is the highest source of devotion. And if you are seeking knowledge in this field, you will find tons of videos and articles in this particular field.

12- For Students Who Wants To Excell As Writer

Are you a student cum story teller, you like to tell stories to the world. Internet is the best place for you, where you can grow with the current studies and make your website or blog. It can help you earn while studying as well as have the big name in the industry. You have full support on internet as if people liked your content not only they will read them but will share them on social media and promote them too.

13- Excell in the field of Architecture while Studying

If you want to learn civil engineering, and love to designs homes and make new complex and building or sky scrapers, you can get immense knowledge through internet

14- Want to earn while you learn

It is very important for students who are not so rich and have to give their fees while studying , they can earn side income from part-time jobs on internet showing their skills on platforms like youtube, blogs , websites like fiverr etc. So every student have the full chance to earn money while learning and biggest examples are some big you tubers like Pew Die Pie etc.

15- For Students Who Wants to make project reports

If you a management student like me, you must the importance of project reports. Internet will provide you with sufficient knowledge. In the form of PPTS , Images , and ready made Circular Vitae etc. materials required for the studies .

So there are the Uses Of Internet In Student Life. And every student can get huge benefit while doing their academics. If you are not one of the student , who is using internet in your studies, you must start from now itself.It will save your time, energy and increase your efficiency in your studies.