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How To Make A Prospect And Convert It In To Sales?

This article is my own experience and set of skills. I had learned from Working hard and smart for many years. I know there are lots of articles on this subject already. But I will teach you, “How I got successful in my marketing job. And reached a good position in my professional Life?”OR How To Make A Prospect And Convert It In To Sales?

First of all friends, understand one thing nothing in life comes for free. For every achievement you have to work hard and smart at the same time. Our world is all about sales, directly or indirectly we are selling some kinds of products or services to others.

When I start to understand how To Make A Prospect

When I got my first marketing job which was to sale some kinds of software services to different industries. On my first sales call I was unable to even speak properly and don’t have enough confidence. I was thinking my self as a useless person who can do nothing in life.

But i had to do the job to support my self and family. I am very afraid of meeting new people and give them demonstration of the product. Around 2 months i was unable to sell a single software product. In that time i had meet to more than 400 people’s and given demostration but i was failed.

Even my team leader is looking at me with doubt. I also get the warning from the company through an e-mail telling me ” This is your last month with us”? And friends, it was my last month in the company and i got fired from the job.

My family knows that I was fired from the job because of non-performance. I am sad and in depression, just thinking all the time I am failed in life.

My beginning – How To Make A Prospect?

I started giving interviews and selected in a telecom company. I had taken the training properly within the company.

That was my day one on the field, I had to sell simcards to cleints. But i had changed my strategies to sell them.

I myself called searched the data online and find the numbers of clients , and make a list with their phone numbers. After making a list of phone numbers i researched on each person profile on internet, whether it is on linked in or social media.

After doing the research about each person I called them and told about my company and profile and talked about their interests on phone. Furthermore, 80 Percent of the people i approached on phone for meeting are impressed with me.

I have taken time to meet them at their convenient time. To some clients I had told that Sir, ” I am in your area in the second half of the day. Do You have time in the second half so that we can meet and i can consult best as per your requirements you and give the best services suited for you.

My 1st Successful Meeting and my train begins

After all my research I have done, I went to a client Who is a lady of age 38. Also, She had given me time to meet at 9 after dinner. Also, She a very busy lady and told me that please reached on time. She told me that you have only half an hour to explain to me the benefits of your services.

oreoverr, She asks me for water and cup of coffee, which i replied in affirmative, as it is the 1st step towards my successful meeting with her.

No she told me to explain the benefits of the services my company is providing. On that very moment I asked her about “what is your Job type? How many hours do you talk on phone for business? Which Phone do you use? All the information regarding her.

At first , she was bit hesitated, but i insist her that all this information is very much required to provide best services to you. She told me that , she is working very hard to make her daughter successful in life. She is single mother and lost his husband way back 10 years ago.

I got emotional at that point and assure her and told her Aunt , you don’t worry. As we began to talk further, she told me about her hardships in life. She had given me time for half an hour but she went on to speak about her for more than 2.5 hours and I get to know her more personally.

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She after at least 3 hours of meeting finally ready to buy the product and to my surprise I haven’t asked for a single time for the cheque. She herself signed the cheque and that was my first sales.

But do you know friends, I was not into sales mode at all. But it happened, as I had taken a keen interest in her problems. On that day I get to know we connect with human feelings more than we worry about our sales.

That was the day and this was the day I understand the basics of sales. Sales is proper planning, understand people’s problem, listen their story and and understand the details and feelings of people whom you meet for converting them in to sales.

Even after I complete my sales, I provide the best of the services and many a time I straightaway told them. No Sir/Madame, this product is not for you. They still want to buy just for me but I told them no sir/madame I will sell you only if it necessary for you.The answer is here for you guys for – How To Make A Prospect And Convert ItIntoo Sales?

Final Advice

Nothing is impossible. Also thought I can do nothing in this life. Before I was running for sales, but I understand later that we all are human beings, so don’t treat your client as another sales prospect or business, but think about him/her by putting your legs into their shoes. If you more believe in humanity first and than it comes business and believes me, friends, my success is the result of this formula. And If this can be my story then why it Can’t be yours.Sales is not about ” How to make a prospect” and get sales from them but it is all about human connection. If you connect better , sales will come in large numbers.