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Cabbage Health Benefits Side effects Raw Red Cabbage Flower Cabbage White Cabbage Cabbage Calories Nutrition

When it comes to vegetables, Cauliflower or Cabbage brings many nutritional values. Also, we will discuss cabbage health benefits side effects . There are various type of cabbage like raw red cabbage, purple cabbage, white cabbage. Also, we will discuss in detail about the cabbage plant , cabbage calories and moreover full detailed information about the vegetable.

Cabbage Health Benefits Side effects

Every plant and vegetables had benefits but also, it had side effects too. Cabbage is no other than that. So counting it as below

Health benefits :

Drinking cabbage juice mixed with carrot juice helps in curing jaundice

when you have stomachache , take the mixture of rice water and leaf of cabbage 2 times a day to get relief.

If you are suffering from Piles and your warts are bleeding take the black cabbage juice mixed with black pepper and some honey mixed with it to stop bleeding.

Cabbages are a big source of Vitamin K , which makes your blood to
coagulate when ever you get an injury which eventually helps in loss of blood from the body and faster recovery. It also helps in the formation of some bone cells .

Even during sore throat , cabbage juice mixed with cloves helps in overall relief of pain caused due to it.

The anti oxidants presents in cabbage helps in strengthening the immune system of the body.

If you are a athlete or even heart patient, you must take it regularly to make your cardiovascular system strong and healthy.

When you eat Cabbage regularly in balanced amount, it helps in activate some enzymes which are very much necessary to remove poisonous substances from the Liver and thus helps in protecting the important organs of the body like kidney ,Liver and other main organs.

Various studies on cabbage proved that, it helps in Prevention various types of cancers like bladder, stomach, liver , lung when you have regular consumption of it , in your diet.


Those who are following weight loss programme, must eat cabbage daily in various forms like juice or salads, as it’s contains vitamin C and also there is no fat found in it.

During fever and vomiting also cabbage juice is used eating the stem of carrot or raw carrot will gives you instant relief.

zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus ,selenium and sodium are the nutrients presents in cabbage in good amounts.

Not only but also, Cabbage contains a good amount of calcium which helps in strengthening your bones , teeth and nervous system which is the backbone of our body.Also burning in urine can be relieved by regular consumption of cabbage.

If you are a women and are going through your pregnancy months, you must take take cabbage in diet in full amount as it a very good source of nutrients like Vitamin A , Vitamin B which helps in the development of embryo in the womb. It helps in the growth of cells faster as we discussed above.

So these are the various benefits and side effects of cabbage in diet. Cabbage had many types like raw red cabbage, white cabbage, purple cabbage, and all these types of cabbage plant had high nutritional values as we had discussed but some times you may have allergy of cabbage , so please consult to doctor if are prone to it.