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Best Whatsapp Icon Images To Download : HD Quality WhatsApp Icons

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Download HD Quality Whatapp Icon Images Below:-

Best Whatsapp Icon Images To Download
Best Whatsapp Icon Images To Download

Brian Acton And Jan Koum are the founders of Whats App and they have achieved this success with hard work, perseverance and dedication.

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As we all know and read, we also hear that every success has hard work and will power and he or she can achieve any thing he or she wants.

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In the beginning, many people had said negative about their work and innovation of Whats App but soon all mouth shut as they become more famous.

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Brian Acton and Jan Koum initially used to work for Yahoo Company, but for two reasons, both of them left their job with Yahoo Company on September 2007 and make their fate as entrepreneur

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They both are rejected at Facebook and Twitter after giving Job interview and they have only $400000 with them for starting their own business.

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Because they did not get a job in Facebook and Twitter, they did not give up and turned to the other direction. Jan Koum thought of creating an app for an iPhone Apple Company. They named it Whats app and in 24-Feb-2009 In a California company named Whats app Inc.

When iPhone launched the push notification feature in their phone, at that time whatsapp had provided an integrated future with it. And with the help of it , Whenever iPhone users will change their status their friends will be notified.

As they want Whats App to grow at fast pace, they asked for help from their friends. And the friends provide with $250000 help.

In December 2009, they launched the paid version of whats App as the user rate is growing at fast pace and they had become famous worldwide.

Whatsapp go the huge investment from Sequoia Capital in April 2011 and their user base rises to 200 millions Active Users and it grows more to 400 million active users in December 2013. Furthermore, which rised to 500 million in April 2014.

After looking at the growing popularity of Whats App, the same Facebook who rejected them to give jobs bought Whats app for $ 19 Billion in 19-Feb-2014. And this was paid by Facebook, 4 Billion Dollars, and 12 Billion Dollar’s shares in Facebook, as well as 3 Billion Dollar Restricted Stock.

As Facebook wants to get all the user data , and wants more registrations on its platform. FB had made the whats app platform completely free.


Now Whats app is installed in every phone whether it is Android or Apple’s iPhone

If Whats App can became such big platform and earn billions of dollars today. Just give a thought why you can’t become one of them by creating things which can shock the world. So friends if you can evolve an idea ,and it will work like Whats App, you don’t even imagine, how your life will change.