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Advantages Of Technology For World Explained In Detail : Internet Mechanical Bio Technology

Advantages of Technology in current time can’t be count on fingers. More over, in present time Internet technology, Mechanical technology, Bio technology, Nano and Chemical technology are used in abundant. We all use technology everyday in some form.

But we are not aware, “How Technology effects our life?”. Costliest Mobile phone to Tesla technology- each bit of it is discovered on earth. But what is more important, how we can optimized its use. And I want to elaborate, that technology had various types.

Last time which 3D movie you watched in theater, have you ever thought while watching who invented third dimension technology. No we not give importance to that factors, but we enjoy them. Likewise, there is long list of technology which I am going to tell you in this article. So let’s begin with all the advantages of technology in detail as below

Internet & Communication Technology

This is one of world changing technology mankind had ever seen. It almost changed the world. Through internet our world had become smaller. Moreover, can easily save our time through internet by paying credit card bills, gas bills, tax, book tickets, book hotels, book plane tickets, book train tickets, earn money online just sitting at home.

Moreover, we can do live streaming using internet technology. Also, you can see each other sitting is different countries. It is possible with the help of internet online.We can enjoy online social circle with our friends. Also can stay in touch with family living at different places. We can communicate on whats App using internet.

Also can do office work like making project reports, sending mails , making power point presentations on laptop etc. Also with the help of internet can play games online and can earn money. Furthermore, can see videos online. We can make payment online. We can receive money and send money online.

You can do an affair online, make new friends online.We can give exams online. We can provide multiple solutions of problem to different people on internet. We can study various skills on internet. Also, we can become you tuber, blogger, lecturer, teacher, professor by getting knowledge online. We can learn SEO online. We can watch our favorite movies and listen songs on internet.

So friends, there are infinite things we can do online. All we need to understand it better and not to use it in a wrong way. If you want to learn or earn, everything is possible with the help of internet. So these are the advantages of Internet technology.

Advantages of Mechanical Technology

We have discussed enough about the advantages of Internet technology, now let’s have some discussion about the core advantages of Mechanical technology in our day to day life.

From moving bicycles to flying jets in the sky all runs on the combination of various technology, one of them is mechanical technology.

In the kitchen, when you use mixer grinder or using your motor cycle, everything is indirectly heavily dependent on mechanical technology.

In Industries, heavy machinery equipment like EOT cranes, lathe machine, ribbon blenders, blowers, packaging machinery etc. runs on mechanical technology.

Whether you travel on road, by air or on water, mechanical technology is used everywhere. You are pulling something using a crane or making a cup of coffee or tea using a vending machine, again mechanical technology is used with electrical technology.

Every thing you see on our earth is made up of a particular type of DIE or Machine to give it a shape, and mechanical tools are used the most in that. So is the mechanical technology combined with other technologies.

Advantages of Information Technology

We have already read about the Internet technology, so when different technologies combines to make a stereo types of technology is called Information technology.

As for example : I want to make a robot who can do all my work on behalf of me, here the information is stored in the robot in such a way using other technologies like mechanical, electrical and artificial intelligence provided by computer tech in such a way, that it will do all the work which is possible with the help of programming or you can also call this autonomous technology.

There are infinite advantages of using Informational technology, which if I will classify I am not able to tell you in a single article.

Bio Technology

From generating new cells from a Guinea Pig to treat many kinds of diseases bio technology is used. In these technology often Bio scientists do research using the cells and tissues of the living organisms. Furthermore, which may be of humans or animals or microscopic organisms for research part.

Many degenerative disease like damage of nervous system tissues to degeneration of bones as we grow old had been a part of research from so many years and had give us tremendous result .

Even scientist are claiming that they will bring a disease free future for human beings with the help of Bio technology.

Moreover, biotechnology is used in agriculture, healthcare,and some for environmental uses. Biotechnology is used in various industries to produces food products to the use in agriculture.

Chemical Technology

Chemical technology is the technology often used in everything from purifying water to printing cloth or making dyes and colors. It is basically use of different chemicals or pharmaceutical formulations , organic products to inorganic products development from different chemicals.

Chemical like bio technology is also used to repair human damaged tissues, delivering drugs to specific cells, in aeronautics industry for making material which can tolerate and stay strong in space etc.

It is also used in the processes for manufacturing chemicals and products, such as gasoline, synthetic rubber, plastics, detergents, cement, paper, and pulp, by applying principles and technology of chemistry, physics, and engineering .

Block Chain Technology

This technology often focus on saving time , solving complex mathematical solutions , sending cross-border payments

It is used for banks to make more powerful banking system which provides extra facility within different banks to have more secure transactions of big amount transfers.

Blockchain will help in developing strong digital identity to individuals. Tokenisation is one of the biggest benefit to convert the value of company or shares in to a digital token which can have particular address to send or receive the token in personal wallet address or crypto exchanges.

It also helps in developing an automated governance, development of Smart contracts with legal foundation between different companies.

Many industry experts are saying block-chain is future of financial, gaming and banking industry.

Nano Technology

Have you seen the movie Ant man, it is one of the biggest example of nano technology. Jokes apart, nano technology is something which makes the current technology more compact and small or molecular. It is currently used in the field of computer chip technology, mobile phones, electrical circuit boards etc.

The biggest benefit of nano technology is that nano robots can be manufactured using it which are solving many problems of the current world which is looking merely impossible before.

Nanotechnology may change the manners by which we get and use energy. Specifically, all things considered, nanotechnology will make sunlight based power increasingly affordable by diminishing the expense of building sun powered boards and related hardware.

Energy stockpiling gadgets will turn out to be progressively productive thus. Nanotechnology will likewise open up new techniques for creating and putting away energy.

In the field of medical science, nanobots can be used to clean up the arteries by following the procedure. Longer surgeries to face uplifting surgeries can be done within few hours.

Many countries are doing deep research, so that they can use it for their defense system in army , navy and air-force. Some developed countries is already using it.

And nano technology is mostly used in current time in world renown detective agencies like Mosad, MI , FBI etc in the world.

Final Thought On Advantages Of technology

So friends this are the core advantages of technology which are used by the world in current time. Also i will bring some information related to other different technologies which are under development or already discovered in detail. If you like this article please share this information to others as well so that, they can also gain some information related to this subject.