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Overeating Side Effects On Health :Why Should Not Over Eat

Overeating can cause major problems to health. One should never eat out of proportion. In this article we will discuss the side effects of overeating.

Many times when you have full stomach, seeing a food item gives water to your mouth and you can not control yourself.

In such a situation, food without hunger and unnecessary food is not good for your health. If that happens occasionally, then it does not matter.

But if you eat some food after eating often or you feel hungry again, then this is a kind of eating disorder.

Frequent appetite in medical language is called food addiction. More than enough food can be kept in this category. In this, people often feel hungry.

Although most people do not take it seriously. Not controlled, it can prove to be harmful to health.

Once the habit of eating again and again, the person goes to the account. He is completely lost control of food.

Even after a short period of time without hunger, he keeps on eating. The stomach stomach feels good.

When the food of the first is a little digest, it eats again. Many times he does not even wait for food to be digested and he eats again.

A special reason for food addiction is neurobiological embalence. Once its level falls into the body, the person feels weakness.

She starts eating again and then she has to eat always to keep energy in the body. However, the person who repeatedly keeps gilt from this habit, but the situation becomes such that he can not do anything even if he wants.

Food addiction leads to weight gain and obesity. Increasing weight leads to many other illnesses. Ability to work in the body decreased. And you will get tired quickly.

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He does not want too many things to eat such a lot, which increases the risk of cholesterol by eating more and can lead to problems like heart attack, heart attack.

How To Avoid Overeating?

To avoid problems caused by overeating, you have to take special care of certain things.

The only way to avoid this is to break this cycle. When you feel hungry, do not pay attention to it, put your attention towards any other work that you like.

So that routine can be broken gradually. If still there is no control, then take a psychological treatment.

Try to take such food that will make your mood good This will increase the serotonin level in the body. It will also help you get out of food depression.

Include healthy and balanced diet in your diet. Eat fresh feet, nuts, seeds and various types of vegetables.

With cereals and pulses, you get low-fat glycemic index food. This food releases sugar gradually in the body.

This keeps the energy constant in the body, the mind keeps calm and feels full for a longer period of time. Our daily meal, which contains cereals, pulses, vegetables and milk, comes in this category of great food.

Apart from this, due to the long-standing mental stress, many people are often hungry. This happens when the stress increases level of Gerlin and increasing its level decreases the behavior related to depression and restlessness.

One of the negative effects of this is that hunger increases. By adopting all these remedies, you can get rid of this problem, but if this problem continues, contact the doctor immediately.

So always avoid Overeating in all circumstances and under stand your body and always consult your doctor regularly to stay in best of health.