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Oscars Awards 2019 Academy Awards Forecasts TimeTable Winning Prediction

Oscars 2019 – forecasts, timetable and winners predictions with movies, actors and best background score to rest of all the awards

The 91st Academy Awards have at long last landed: this is what you have to know, when you have to know it by and who will win the key prizes

Furthermore, presently, the end is close. This year’s Oscar season has been the most bad tempered in memory.

Not just have a significant number of the contenders been given an exhaustive round of questioning for different failings, however the function itself – the old backup of dependably dull TV – has been pulled along these lines and that with a progression of destroyed changes that have served chiefly to madden.

Oscars possess enrollment. Regardless of whether it’s the Kevin Hart fiasco, the farrago over promotion break introductions, or the endeavor to hack out the non-renowned tunes, it’s sheltered to state it hasn’t gone well. Up until now.

So setting such aside, what have we really got? Despite everything we don’t have the foggiest idea if there’ll be an unexpected host, however it appears to be clear different eye catching names have been frogmarched in to do a type of platform obligation.

The Academy have moved in an opposite direction from all their different openly coasted recommendations to trim the running time, yet they have promised to hold it to three hours, so we should keep a watch out what they jettison.

As the honors themselves, there’s been a satisfying absence of agreement on what and who should win what. The Favorite and Roma both have 10 gestures, yet that doesn’t mean much under the most favorable circumstances.

Many of the contenders have muddied the waters themselves: Green Book for the stupidities of its executive and essayist, Roma for its trousering of Netflix’s showcasing spending plan, Bohemian Rhapsody for Bryan Singer.

Nobody can truly be certain, in particular on the grounds that the society grants – ordinarily entirely solid marker as its essentially similar voters – have garlanded totally extraordinary movies this year.

The main dead certs look like Rami Malek and his ‘tache for Bohemian Rhapsody and – much drop down the rundown – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse for best enlivened component.

You would accept Glenn Close would be the wistful most loved for The Wife. Other than that, all wagers have all the earmarks of being off.

Obviously, your persevering Guardian group will be working on it. Stuart Heritage is our own emcee on the live blog, the style group will look at celebrity main street, Peter Bradshaw will get an eyeful of his reality tired eye over the outcomes, and Hadley Freeman is our government operative at the after-parties.

So while we trust that all that will get moving, here are a couple of pointers with respect to what to pay special mind to and some last expectations


Everything commences on Sunday 24 February, in the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

The Oscars live broadcast begins at 5pm (PST)/8pm (EST) – that means 1am (GMT) on Monday in London and 12 early afternoon (AEDT) on Monday in Sydney.

You can watch it live on ABC in the US, Sky TV in the UK, and Channel 9 in Australia.

Celebrity main street addicts can begin watching three hours sooner – 2pm (PST)/5pm (EST)/11pm (GMT)/9am (AEDT) – on the E! Television station. Also, the show itself will be three hours in length.