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How To Take Care Of Skin After Pregnancy?: Motherhood Skin Tips

Do your normal skin care

Skip the complex routine of skin care. Using a good face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen is enough. Occasionally you can apply lotions for babies.

If you want to avoid aging, use retinol moisturizer at night. If you have eczema or acne, talk to the dermatologist and follow the correct suggestion.

Avoid using any common product. You are currently experiencing hormonal changes.

Talk to the dermatologist and choose the right facial lotion, which prevents spots from showing on your face.

Take only natural products

Do not buy any product without labels. It would be better if you use organic, khadi, non-toxic products at this time.

If you have a chemical in your hands, then the moisturizer gets into the mouth of your nineties, then think what will happen! So use natural things only.

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Beautifully in your kitchen

When making food, take the tomatoes in the mouth only. Put it in your mouth and eat it too.

The tomato is the best antioxidant that enhances the beauty of the skin and eliminates dirt.

Similarly, if you are making pomegranate lentils, then take that same dal pulse with your face in your hands and feet.

If it has turned into acne or spots during pregnancy, add a little cur cumin in the curd and apply it also on the hands. The skin will appear

Skin care routine

For your beloved, you make a day and a night, do something for yourself. Skin care does not simply mean beautiful.

You should always use sunscreen after bathing, even if you do not go anywhere.

If you go to the balcony, then the sun’s rays seem to be on your face. Sunscreen protects against cancer.

Keep the sunscreen near the baby bag or its accessories. When the hands move forward to apply the cream, lift the sunscreen together.

If you want, put a reminder on the phone. Do not forget to put on the night cream to sleep at night.

Other Important Points to follow after motherhood

Our face becomes more oily than our body, so keep it clean. After collecting dust particles in the follicles of the face, advancing, the mouths of the nails are born. Give up. Use mild soap to keep the face clean.

During pregnancy, the skin becomes more intense, so use the moisturizer.

Massage body or facial massages with a little good oil, by doing this, the blood circulation in the body will be fine.

Drinking a lot of water will eliminate the toxin present in your body and your skin will also look healthy.

Try to be happy, because being happy is good for both health and skin.

Do not sunscreen before sunbathing, as it protects our body from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.