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Why To Avoid Eating Fine Flour In Hot Weather Countries?

Fine Flour had many side effects for your stomach. In the summer there may be many problems with wrong eating habits. Fast foods and junk foods found in the market are mostly made from harmful substances.

Most of the fast foods which are made from fine flour sold in the market using soy, oily, sodium glutamate etc. are very harmful in terms of health. By constantly eating them, the body is prone to many diseases. Eating these foods, especially in summer, can be very dangerous for you.

In the summer, tummy tears in the stomach several times. It gives stomach ache Some people accept this stomach pain as normal pain, or they drink hot water. If you get some relief from hot water then think that treatment has been done but this treatment happens only for some time.

Because the cause of abdominal pain in the heat is not normal stomach pain but it is due to amebiosis or amoebic dysentery.
Amoebic dysentery is said to form amoeba in the abdomen. Amoeba is usually made on the stool, but sometimes it develops in the stomach, which is the cause of stomachache.

Fine Flour can cause  Amoebic dysentery

Fine Flour can cause Amoebic dysentery is called amebiosis in the medical language. It happens by eating outdoors or by eating more sugar and flour. Indeed, there are two types of bacteria in the intestines – good and bad.

When we do more dirty or unhygienic food then good bacteria present in the intestines die and amoebic dysentery in the stomach due to bad bacteria, which causes complication of stomachache. The problem of amoebic dysentery in the summer season is high.

How common is this amoebic dysentery caused by fine flour?
The problem of amoebic dysentery is considered to be quite common in India and in developing countries. According to a research, it is revealed that 70,000 people die in the world every year due to this.

These are the reasons
The main reason for amoebic dysentery is the open-air street foods, fast foods, junk foods and more fried food. All these foods are harmful to the body because cleaning is not taken into account in the making and poor quality items are used.

Apart from this, the main cause of amoebic dysentery is to drink contaminated water or eat stale food. In any case, you should not eat cooked food for more than 6 hours.

Do not eat any food by heating it again, because in many diets it causes the process of bacteria to become faster. This problem can also be caused by consuming sugar and flour made of biscuits, toffee, noodles and pizzas etc..

What are the early symptoms of Amoebic Dysentry

stomach enlargement
Stomach ache
Gas problem
Unbearable pain in the stomach
Pain in constipation and stool
Other symptoms

How to treat it slowly

In order to avoid amoebic dysentery, doctors make antibiotic course. This course is of six to seven months. But do not let yourself reach this position. For this, stop the outside food completely. Other things like this should be taken care of.

Outside food, stop eating.
Eat Gooseberry Powder
Eat garlic
Gooseberry Or Phyllanthus emblica and aloe vera juice.

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