Following the increasing pressure of its members and fans, the Academy has announced a direct broadcast of all 24 categories of awards.

Oscars 2019: The decision taken back, now all the airwaves will be broadcast

The upcoming February 24 announcement of the Oscars will be 2019.

The Academy of Motion Arts Sciences had previously decided that it will not broadcast the distribution of some categories, but after the increasing pressure of its members and fans.

The Academy has announced a direct broadcast of all 24 categories of prizes.

Confirming on Friday, the Academy said that 4 categories, which were to be produced during commercial break, will be broadcast live during Oscar telecast.

Earlier this decision was taken because of pressure to reduce the show, which lasted 3 hours 53 minutes last year. The four major categories of Oscars 2019 that were decided to give off air include cinematography, film editing, make-up and hairstyles and live-action shorts.

Following Oscar Ceremoni’s decision, a protest on Twitter had begun. After which the Academy had to change its decision. This time, singer Lady Gaga and actor Bradley Cooper will also be presenting the song “Shallo” of their movie ‘A Star is Bourne’ at the 2019 Oscars Festival. This song has been selected in the category of Best Song.

This time the Oscar award has been in disputes since the beginning. Nobody is hosting this Oscars at this time. In fact, Kevin Hart was given the responsibility, but there was a dispute about his anti-gay tweet and only two days later he withdrew his name from the host.

Let’s say that this nomination is nominated for Oscar nominations, There is more name. ‘Roma’ and ‘The Favorite’ receive 10-10 nominations.

At the same time, among the most discussed, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star is Bourne’ got 8 nominations. Christian Bale’s ‘Vice’ also got nominated in 9 categories.

Now to see who gets the award after the nominations.

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