Tips to Get Fairer Skin in 2019

Tips to Get Fairer Skin in 2019 in detail. Most of us want to look beautiful, and when it comes to a facial color we can’t compromise. Although many people are born Black it doesn’t actually define they are not beautiful. Here I am talking about ” How to have a fairer look by using some household things.

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Fair skin hacks 2019

Lemon :

Lemon can be used to have fair skin, the vitamins present in lemons

and the citric acid gives a fairer look of used in daily life. Not only using it as detox water but lemon can be used for face rub which opens closed pores due to its acidic solution

Lemon can be used in both ways for constipation and diarrhea as well as for skin fairness liquid solution which when used on a continuous basis for 20 days gives ultimate results.

Curd And Gram Flour

The mixture of Curd and Gram flour is the most used paste to get fairer skin in few minutes. Actually, the mixture provides you with instant fairness and whenever you’re going for any party or functions you can use this paste as a face wash and you will look like a fairy



You want to get heal your burned skin, then cucumber is used by big cosmetic companies also to get good results. Using cucumber slices on the face for continuous 20 days will give you an extreme fine result.

Antibacterial Cleanser

Regular use of antibacterial Cleanser will remove all the dirt from the face and makes you look younger in a few days. I would prefer to use it on daily basis.

Carrot Juice

The main constituent of carrot is Beta Carotin, the main function of beta Carotin is to repair and tighten skin. Those who had wrinkles on the face must use carrot regularly as vegetables as well in the form of juice and also you can use the carrot liquid for skin cleansing

 Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder is most used for fairness purpose, everyone must use the turmeric in eating, drinking with milk and the paste of turmeric for facial paste with curd inside it, will make you look fairer in the long run


This is the ninja technique to get fairer skin within a month, but mostly use this technique in winter only as its nature is too hot and which can cause problems, So use it during winter. Just put the small leaves of saffron and put it inside hot milk and drink it daily in the night before sleep. After some days your skin looks fairer than ever before. 

Olive Oil Massage

Olive Oil Contains Vitamin b12 and many other important nutrients which makes you look younger and also regular use of it in cooking food will decrease the melanin pigments from the body and remove harmful bacteria from the body and makes your healthier, beautiful and young.

Milk and Banana

Use the paste of banana and milk and put it on your face it will make your face look shiny and beautiful. Don’t overuse it, just 2 times in a week and 8 times a month is enough for fairer glowy skin

Potato Juice

Potato Juice is very wonderful for removing underarm blackness and black spots. It is used by many cosmetic creams for the cleansing of underarms. Boil the potato and put the remaining juice to cool for sometimes and use it in your underarms and see the benefits of it. Its one of the best Tips To Get Fairer Skin  for underarms

Baking Soda For Underarms

Baking Soda powder and water mixed paste should best be used for cleaning under arm blackness and just use the paste for 15 minutes on and clean with light warm water. It is a very useful remedy to get fairer underarm skin.

My Thoughts on Tips To Get Fairer Skin  

Tips To getting Fairer Skin are above in detail It’s ok to represent ourselves fairer and beautiful, but what is most important is the beauty and fairness of the heart and soul which comes from inside…

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