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Takeshi Fujimaki : Ripple(XRP) Will Grow Unbelievable In Near Future

Takeshi Fujimaki, a former banker and Japanese councilman, made statements on a Twitter post and the future of crypto currencies, especially the XRP and Ripple.

He said more than one experiment has been done on cryptocurrencies around the world. And that their main purpose is to develop existing payment / financial systems. He said that XRP’s topology map is published. How XRP network nodes are spreading around the world. And that it is growing at an alarming rate. And that Japan should be included in this technology as quickly as possible.

The latest technology on cryptographic assets has made significant progress. If it is not included in such fields, Japan will be left behind

Fujimaki later explained that the network nodes in Japan were incredibly low compared to the rest of the world. And that Japan still lags behind the world in “paper society policy

” If the use of this XRP is considered a representative of cryptographic currencies, then it is possible that this criterion (XRP) of this map will grow to an explosive extent in the future.”

”Takeshi Fujimaki later said that cryptocurrencies such as XRP, along with Ripple’s technology, could be incredibly functional. Especially in developing countries. Countries where people don’t have a bank account.

The former banker -Takeshi Fujimaki, who mentions Mojaloop, which was founded by Bill Gates Foundation. Mojaloop uses Ripple’s inter ledger protocol, said that the software has already been used in Kenya in January 2018.

Note: I am not a crypto expert neither financial analyst , so do your own research before buying or trading any cryptocurrency at your own risk