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How To Cure Sore Throat within Minutes?

Cure sore throat at home. If you are suffering from cold or cough or allergy, it can cause you sore throat. Sore throat often given you pain in throat while eating and drinking. And we might develop fever sometimes due to that.

Tips To Cure Sore Throat Using Home Remedies :-

#1 Use Ginger to Cure Sore Throat

Ginger had very good antibacterial properties. Ginger kills heavy bacteria’s from your body. Use Ginger in multiple ways to cure sore throat. You can drink Ginger tea , eat raw Ginger , Drink warm water with two slices of ginger mixed with it. Don’t over do it and don’t take it if you’re allergic to it.

#2 Drink Plenty of water
to Cure Sore Throat

Drinking water will flush out the toxins and bacteria through urine ,and also it maintain the body temperature as some times due to sore throat we have fever . When you drink lots of water it makes your throat clean of germs and remove harmful bacterias from throat…

#3 See A Doctor If It’s severe

When you think it’s not going you must without fail go to the doctor and take the course prescribed by the doctor. Mostly he will examined the condition and prescribed you antibiotics if it is severe.

#4 Gargles with Salt and warm water

At least do it 4-5 times a day , with a mixture of warm water and salt pinch in to it at regular intervals 4-5 times a day , it will make you feel better and your throat will get relaxed.It’s working for 80 percent of the individual if done properly…

#5 Rub Vicks Oil

Rub Vicks Oil around the neck near throat and cover it with a warm cloth which will generate heat, and kill bacterias slowly giving your throat ease of pain.

#6 Black Pepper Tea

This will give you bigtime relief from Cold ,and sore throat as it had many virus and bacteria killing properties and will relieve your sore throat pain. Drink Black Pepper Tea atleast 3 times a day when suffer from Sore throat

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#7 Lemon Water

Lemon contains vitamin C and antioxidants. Take Warm water mixed with Lemon for atleast 4-6 cups through out the day , and you will find amazing results in curing sore throat.

#8 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar when mixed with honey taken give instant relief to your sore throat and the acetic acid found in it will kill bacteria’s instantly

#9 Take Rest And Avoid Oily Foods

Take Enough rest when not working and avoid any kind of oily foods , as the oil may get trapped in to your glands and make the condition more worst.

Final Words:

In Order to cure sore throat we must follow all of the above points properly. It will definitely help in some relief in sore throat and right use of the remedies will definitely cure it.