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Guide To Starting A Blog For Newbie bloggers : How To Start A Blog?

If you had started reading this, means you want to either new to blogging or either clueless how to start a blog. So I am explaining today a Brief guide to starting a blog for newbie bloggers

Don’t worry I will cover each and every point in this post, which will help you understand – “What Is a blog & how to Start it?”

First of all, let’s understand what is a blog?

A blog is a set of words, sentences, paragraphs with images and videos to give some kind of information, knowledge to the readers which they might interesting and useful.

At the beginning of starting a blog, you need the platform for blogging. I will insist you to start a blog on Google Blogger Platform, as it’s a nice free platform where you can easily get a subdomain and hosting.

I recommend you to choose blogger So that you can move to your own paid hosting either on WordPress or other platforms with experience and knowledge of blogging.

Before writing a first blog post : Guide To Starting A Blog

At first, you must decide a niche, a subject to write on.

After choosing the subject or niche, give the title to your first blog post.

Do remember, the title of your first post is also the keyword. When anybody searches that title, it will come in the google search.

In the beginning, I won’t recommend you to go after SEO techniques for ranking articles or post in search engines.

But do remember, the title of your post must be in compliance with your post.

Likewise, it shouldn’t be like this, you’re writing on ” How to learn Car driving?” But post title is Best Cars of 2019 Or vice versa.

Now let’s assume, you’re writing your first blog on “Top Ten Movies Of 2019”, then you must have the knowledge of that “Ten” movies in details.

Because if you yourself don’t have the knowledge about them, what you will write in your post. Even if you write it, incomplete knowledge will not find readers.

At least, try to write the post of more than 350 words. A good detailed Informative post is a good start for your blog niche.

Research is compulsory

Before writing any post, do a complete research of the topic.

As detailed research will give you enough points to cover in your blog post.

Also, a well-researched topic written in detail also attracts readers and search engine.

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Content Is King

Always remind yourself – “Content Is King”. If you remind yourself of this point, again and again, you will not end up writing useless articles.

Content is equaled to the quality of the blog. And quality is that thing, which is loved and appreciated by all.

It’s Not SEO but you must learn it.

So you had written your first blog post, don’t simply publish it in hurry.

Do this thing before publishing your article.

#1 Check Grammatical Mistakes ( Use Grammarly tool)

#2 Use 2-3 Nice images relating to your blog post content. Don’t use copyright images.

It would be great if you insert original images snapped from your mobile phone camera.

#3 Give Proper Heading And Subheadings to every paragraph explaining the particular section of the post.

It will give your reader a clear indication, that this particular paragraph of the post wants to tell or give that “Particular” information.

Wrapping Up: Whenever You are going to start a blog Or Already have one, keep in mind all the above points. When we classify our blog in a disciplined manner, the magic begins to happen.

So, friends, this is my guide to starting a Blog. So keep blogging and stay as much happy as you can…