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Ripple CTO David Schwartz On XRP Tech

David Schwartz to A Twitter User:

“It’s hard to imagine what such a merger would look like. It would have to follow the rules of the public ledger. It’s kind of funny, I was actually thinking just today about how cool it would be if you could run the XRPL software in a private ledger mode and later bridge …”

Further, he added saying –

“… to the public ledger. For example, you could have an asset issued on both ledgers that are bridged by the validators of the private ledger who multisign transactions for the public ledger. It’s actually a cool use case to cut txn fees and scale.”

David Schwartz On XRP Tech-

“The Altnet/Testnet runs the same code as the main network and is used to test new XRPL code and to allow people to test XRPL integrations against a network that works like the real network but has no real money. All data should be considered test/discardable on it.”

David Schwartz On XRP Ledger-

“The XRP ledger was built for way more than simply sending and receiving XRP, it features things like a decentralized exchange, issued currencies, and escrow transactions for good reasons. The XRP Toolkit project was started to…unlock more of the XRP ledger’s full potential.”