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We Should Always Give Love To Stray Animals

We are born as human. God had given us the capability to understand and think. We had everything with us like food, shelter,clothes etc.

Dogs ,puppies , cats and other stray animals also had life. They are not born to suffer at the hands of mankind. They are innocent and give unlimited love to us ,when we just give a small amount of love.

Stray dogs love warmth of human hands more than food. I had seen many times , when i just pet a dog on the belly , cutiepie dog had avoided food and chosen love of my hands.

I am seeing many incidents on social media of abusing stray animals very badly. If we humans are doing this, than this is worst of all things any human can do.

Give the stray dogs and other stray animals lots of love , feed them, adopt them, give them medicine if required. If seeing any stray animals on street in bad contidion help them at any cost.

You can love yourself, stay in full luxury but sometimes also thinks of this stray animals.

If you see any animal abuser in front of your eyes stop them, and in worst condition complaint against them if they don’t understand the meaning of compassion.

There are many countries where stray animals are harmed very badly. This countries sooner or later will suffer at the hands of thr God for breaking the rules.

If power had been given by God to us, than we must use it for the welfare of others and every living beings on earth.

we are nobody to take life of other animals, who can’t even speak for them. If we will not understood it soon, God will punish us all.

Animals are always afraid of human beings, and when it comes to stray dogs which are found on every corner of the earth – their condition is worst.

My only motive to write this article is to make some of you understand that Stray animals are dependent on human beings , and if we behave badly with them , hurting them killing them, than Who will gonna help those innocent Stray animals?

Some Animal Helping Organizations list as below : CLICK in the box 【Here】

These List is as per your region please take courage to help stray animals in your Country ,Region or Area.

“Help Stray Animals To Help Yourself”- StoryTeller