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Ripple (XRP) Will Soon Become The Number One Cryptocurrency Choice For Various Banks- Brad Garlinghouse

Xrp will be number one cryptocurrency said Brad Garlinghouse Amid a meeting with CNBC on Tuesday, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO or Ripple, said that the eventual fate of Ripple is splendid the same number of banks will utilize the Ripple(XRapid) record before the finish of 2019. The Ripple record is an open-source codebase that can perform more than 1,500 exchanges inconsistently. It requires the XRapid coin

Ripple (XRP) Will Soon Become the Number One Cryptocurrency Choice for Various Banks- Brad Garlinghouse

Amid another meeting at the gathering called Money 20/20, Garlinghouse made his trust in Ripple clear. He stated:

“I have said it before that before the finish of 2019, the rapid record will be a huge device in banks the world over. Prior to 2019 arrives at an end, I trust that many banks will grasp Ripple.”

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Ripple (XRapid) Will Soon Become the Number One Cryptocurrency Choice for Various Banks- Brad Garlinghouse

Ripple Will be Adopted by Banks Soon

One of the projects the company is working on is to provide liquidity solutions for financial institutions allowing them to make cross-border payments in a faster, transparent, and cost-effective way compared to traditional methods. The X rapid project is one of the proposed solutions. This system was developed for institutions that are reaching out to emerging markets. It enhances cheaper, and, faster transactions.

The system filters third-party collections for the most competitive options. After the money is converted to XRapid, it will be converted into any currency required from the receiving end.

The system depends on scalability and speed so transactions are completed within minutes nationally while cross-border transactions may require 2 to 3 days for large remittance.

Regarding the price of Ripple, Garlinghouse said:
“The industry is nascent and speculation is what dominates the market action. In time, people will understand the unique use cases. Bitcoin will be a panacea as people suspected it will be. Bitcoin would solve different problems. There are different kinds of blockchains and ledgers being created daily.”

Will Garlinghouse prediction come true? Will Ripple become adopted by several banks before the end of next year? Will this adoption influence the price of Ripple?